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Mizensir by Alberto Morillas Finally Arrives in the Region

Courtesy of Mizensir

Master perfumer Alberto Morillas is famed for creating some of the world’s most iconic fragrances. Gucci Bloom, Flower by Kenzo and CK One to name but a mere few. Celebrated for being one of the industries greatest noses, Morillas who is self-taught, began his career over three decades ago. During this time, he, alongside his wife saw a gap in the market for candles with a subtle fragrance. In 1999, Mizensir was born. Housed in sleek glass holders, each of the candles offered a particular atmosphere crafted through subtle notes that draw upon varied emotions. “After one hundred references of candles, with my daughter Véronique we decided to create this new collection of Mizensir perfume,” explains Morillas of the brand’s expansion into fragrance in 2015.  

Alberto Morillas. Courtesy of Mizensir

Unlike much of his work, Mizensir was never marketed. Instead, fragrance aficionados sought out the brand, and word spread of its masterful blends. “I wanted to create ‘Ma Parfumerie’, where each fragrance tells the story of my passions, my memories, and my travels; a perfume which would be as intimate as a piece of music – I don’t want to create a niche, I want to create excellence,” says Morillas. Working with traditional perfume methods, the scents created could only be that of one of the industry’s best perfume houses. “I work two or three years on a new molecule. It’s a very long and very expensive process in the beginning. You need to make sure it’s sustainable, it’s very important,” he says.

Courtesy of Mizensir

The key to the brand’s success? “Quality, long-lasting scents and perfume with personality,” he muses. Making its Middle Eastern debut, Mizensir finally arrives in region stocked in the likes of Bloomingdales Dubai and Tryano in Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi. “People in this region love perfume,” says Morillas on his recent visit. Already sought after by those who travel, Mizensir is already loved in the Middle East for its range of oud fragrances and varying woody notes. “In this country, I wear my fragrance on my clothes. It is very warm which makes the scent evaporate almost immediately on the skin,” he advises, “On the clothes, the fragrance stays longer. On clothes, you can mix and layer. Wear a scent on one arm and then on another arm. Then you have your mysterious signature.”  

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