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Michel Coulombe of Laura Mercier Talks 2018 Beauty Trends

Laura Mercier

A bold lip look. Courtesy of Laura Mercier

As the international global makeup artist for Laura Mercier, there’s no doubt that Michel Coulombe knows a thing or two about beauty. Looking to the year ahead, he shares the trends to hold onto from Fall 2017 and his top looks for the season ahead.

What was your favorite beauty trend in 2017?

My favorite beauty trend of 2017 is the return of fresh-looking skin where you can see pores, texture, and inner glow. We are seeing less of baking and contouring which was trending over the past couple of years.

How is it being brought through to the New Year?

The trend is brought in with products that fuse with the skin and contain healthy formulas that nourish skin and keep it glowing from within.

Talk us through the trends for Spring 2018?

Trends for Spring 2018 would include a blend of textures and finishes. Soft finishes with light reflective properties in the shadows and some multidimensional, and monochrome looks as well. Bold colors for early and late spring, and matte foundations are trending at the moment too.

Do you have a favorite?

I have always been a big fan of colors and I am really happy that bold colored lips are making a comeback. It’s always very easy for women to brighten up their mood and day by using a bright, bold lip color.

Laura Mercier

Iconic products from Laura Mercier. Courtesy of Laura Mercier.

What are the new launches for Laura Mercier in Spring 2018?

I am really excited about our Flawless Fusion concealer! It’s going to be an amazing product because of its longevity, anti-oxidizing, waterproof, and water-based properties. The Velour Extreme Matte lipsticks will also be releasing in Spring 2018 in 24 amazing shades. They are matte, moisturizing and a single application lasts for hours. I would recommend blending at least two shades to get some dimension.

What three products are essential for a day to day beauty arsenal?

Three essential products would be skincare or foundation that has SPF, our secret camouflage, and a bold lipstick for an easy pick-me-up.

Do you have any tips from backstage at fashion week?

My only tip would be to first focus on what is important for a certain look and if you have extra time, work on the rest of the look. It’s always great to work at fashion weeks as the looks are generally more risqué and interesting to create.

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