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Megan Fox’s Blue Hair is the Most Striking Spring Makeover

Making its debut just in time for the best part of the year, Megan Fox’s blue hair is not for the faint-hearted.



Megan Fox is well on her way to completing the rainbow with her hair color. After rocking silver, platinum blonde, copper, cherry cola red, and, most recently, cotton candy pink, the actor is adopting a whole new hue for spring—and it’s (almost) all the way across the color wheel.

Because while the Jennifer’s Body star is known and beloved for cycling through various shades of blonde, pink, and red, this time she’s choosing to dive headfirst into ice-cold Titanic waters. Fox’s new hair is not only much shorter—her just-past-the-shoulder-length shag chopped into a sleek, blunt bob—but dyed an ultra-icy shade of bright electric blue too.


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This is the first time the actor has ever rocked blue hair to my knowledge. It is the first day of Mercury retrograde, after all.

While we may not know the meaning behind Megan Fox’s blue hair decision, we do know how she got the look. Fox’s cut and color are courtesy of her go-to stylist, Dimitris Giannetos, who’s overseen all of her hair transformations, from blonde to red to pink and so on. Fortunately, he was generous enough to share behind-the-scenes photos of and how he achieved her metamorphosis.

According to Giannetos, who is calling the shade blue jeans, he achieved Fox’s icy electric shade using none other than box dye. More specifically, he dyed Fox’s previously pink hair using L’Oréal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Permanent Hair Color in shade 411 Sapphire Smoke, which L’Oréal describes as a “smoky blue.”


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While we love a DIY-friendly hair transformation, it’s important to clarify one thing: Giannetos was able to achieve such a dramatic hair change with just box dye because Fox’s hair was already light (and likely bleached prior to being dyed pink). Translation? If your hair is currently blonde or on the light side, you’re good to go to the drugstore and grab that box dye.

If your hair is any darker, however—and especially as dark as Fox’s natural color—we strongly encourage seeing a professional colorist to gradually lighten your hair. Generally, pros advise against exceeding more than four levels of lightening in one salon visit.

But of course, always feel free to use Megan Fox’s blue hair as beauty and hair color inspiration.

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