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Exclusive: This Doctor-Formulated Skincare Brand Has Now Launched in the Middle East

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Known for his work with celebrities including Lady Gaga, Christie Brinkley and the Kardashians, Beverly Hills-based cosmetic dermatology doctor, Dr. Simon Ourian has now launched his own skincare brand in the Middle East. Best known for his work with laser treatments, injectables, and complexion makeovers – and regular appearances on Keeping Up With The Kardashians – he dazzles his 3.5 million Instagram followers with before and after shots of cosmetic transformations, performed at his Epione Beverly Hills clinic.

Photo: Courtesy MDO

After first being established in the US, then the UK, his brand MDO Skin will be now available across the Gulf via, with a Dubai-based warehouse. Being of Iranian heritage, Dr. Ourian says he’s familiar with the specific skincare concerns which affect women in the Middle East, and is confident that MDO Skin can help clients reach their complexion goals.

Ahead of the brand’s regional launch, Vogue Arabia spoke to Dr. Ourian about his brand, adding artificial intelligence to the mix, and how MDO Skin will address 2021’s trending skincare issues.

Photo: Courtesy MDO

VOGUE Arabia: What led you to developing MDO?
Dr. Simon Ourian: I’ve worked in the dermatological and cosmetic industry for over 20 years and I have dedicated my career to skincare innovation! But there are only so many people who can come by my clinic in Beverly Hills. I’ve always wanted to connect and support as many as I can on their skin journey – all over the globe. That is why I decided to develop my own product range named MDO, short for Medical Doctor Ourian. Focusing on natural and vegan resources, and highly effective ingredient combinations to maximize the benefits for your skin, all MDO products work effectively not only to optimize the look and feel of your skin, but your overall skin’s health.

What is the hero product of the range?
If I had to choose one product, the most popular and my personal favorite, tt would have to be the Intense Hydrating Moisturizer. Not only because of its brilliant ingredient list and its effects, but also because of its consistency, easy application, and its versatility. We consider it our true hero product.

How has your professional experience influenced the brand?
MDO was born out of my professional experience, without it there would be no brand. During all my years in the dermatological and cosmetic business, I was able to observe and learn from my clients. Through gaining a lot of experience, I was ultimately able to combine all of it and place it into my own product line, MDO.

How does MDO address the concerns of women living in the Middle East specifically?
I am very well aware of the climate differences on all our continents, and our product line addresses the concerns of women and men living in the Middle East. We provide tailored routines, to those who suffer from dry skin, who want to reduce pigmentation, or those looking for help with signs of aging. We try to encourage our consumer to shop by their skin concern, to listen to my expert advice, and to reach out to our customers service, for any clarification.

Photo: Courtesy MDO

What are the major beauty concerns effecting women in 2021? How are you seeking to resolve them?
I’ve recently talked about this topic in a live session, that I held on MDO’s channel together with a skincare influencer from LA. The new issues and beauty concerns surrounding women in 2021, have been mostly brought up by the pandemic. Things such as maskne, which is even covering a new term for this issue, but also concerns that existed before the pandemic, but were neglected during the lockdown. Now that we are out of lockdown, the willpower to take better care of our skin is resurfacing. I have developed a very effective product line so far, to treat various skin problems. And I am actually launching a new product to complement my current range, consisting of two sets of sheet masks!

Talk us through the artificial intelligence component of the MDO website.
In the recent months, we at MDO have been working on a new, and to me, a very special feature. Not only we’ve reworked our website, but we’ve also added a new tool to it. It has always been of interest to me to accompany as many people as I can on their skincare journey, and to provide everyone with their perfect and targeted routine, because if the routine does not fit your individual needs, then it probably will not have the best possible results. That is why I want everyone to meet: Simon Says. I have put my leading dermatological and cosmetic expertise on our website in form of a virtual consultation. It is simple and easy to use for everyone, everywhere. All you have to do is answer specific questions, and my perfected avatar will provide you with your individual and targeted skincare routine.

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