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This Budget Mascara Has Gone Viral on TikTok—Here’s Why

Photographed by F&G for Vogue Arabia February 2020

You know a beauty product is good when it takes over on TikTok – Gen-Z are nothing if not scrupulous when it comes to product testing, and honest about their opinions. The most recent product to go viral on the platform is Maybelline’s new Colossal Curl Bounce Mascara, which costs AED 55 and has garnered 46.9 million views on TikTok (and counting). Meanwhile, on Google, searches for the mascara have exploded, up by 3,043%.

Maybelline Colossal Curl Bounce Mascara. LookFantastic, AED 55

So what’s all the fuss about? Here’s the lowdown.

1. It’s got a great wand

Maybelline gives good mascara, but this is the first of all its cult buys (including the Great Lash Mascara) that I’d buy time and time again – plus it also usurps many of the more expensive formulas I’ve tried in the past. The first thing to note is the curved and flexible (and yellow!) wand, which makes it really easy to apply the formula from root to tip, and across the breadth of the lash line too. It’s bendy and bouncy, so you can really get into the tricky bits at the corner of the eyes.

2. Achieving volume, length, lift and definition is easy

A bit like buying a house, when it comes to mascara, you typically end up sacrificing something on your wish-list in order to get everything else you want. In my opinion it’s tricky to find a formula that delivers volume, length, lift and definition (without ridiculous clumping), in a single product. In the past, I’ve even taken wands I liked and dunked them in separate formulas for the ultimate flutter. Luckily for us all, this formula actually does it all. You have to apply a few coats, but I expect that from most formulas, and the results are sublime.

3. It doesn’t imprint on your brow bone

Hands up who finds it highly annoying when mascara imprints on their eyelid or brow bone? There is nothing worse than that black stain. Having worn it regularly – to the office, the gym, outside and at home – for a couple of weeks, I can confirm that Colossal Curl Bounce doesn’t do that, no matter how greasy your eyelids may be.

4. It stays put, but is easy enough to wash off

Promising 24 hour wear, this is a mascara that won’t budge, unless you get your cleanser, water or a microfibre cotton pad involved. Slightly tougher to remove than some mascaras, it still doesn’t require so much effort that it becomes a massive chore.

5. It’s only AED 55

Everyone loves a bargain. What are you waiting for?

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