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Maximise Your Me-Time at ShuiQi Spa

Courtesy of Atlantis The Palm

How often do you get to completely switch off and unwind for 90 minutes straight? Probably not nearly often enough – which is why you need to book yourself in for the indulgent Fall in Love With Yourself package at ShuiQi Spa at Atlantis The Palm.

If you’re not a fan of a facial where the therapist merely layers on some creams and sends you on your merry way, this 90-minute treatment will tick all your boxes, while also restoring a sense of wellbeing and balance. The opulent ShuiQi Spa is a peaceful pocket of calm on The Palm, all airy atriums and soft lighting. The buzz of the city is immediately forgotten as you sip on your welcome drink, pondering the relaxing delights to come. First on the menu is an invigorating back scrub, which, it turns out, is exactly how all facial treatments should start. You feel super clean and soft, ready to sink into a deep muscle massage. This is not the sports massage of your nightmares, though – while the pressure is kept firm and even as per your request, your muscles slowly melt into the table as feel-good hormones flood your body and any lingering tension slips away.

Courtesy of Atlantis The Palm

After not nearly enough time (when is a massage ever long enough!), it’s time to treat your face to some TLC. Of course, only the best is good enough for your skin, which is why ShuiQi uses ESPA and Shiseido products. The radiance facial does exactly that: give you radiant, plump skin. Cleansing and a gentle scrub is followed by a deeply de-stressing face and head massage – plus! The ear massage you never knew you needed. Targeted serum and moisturizer seals the dewy deal.

After that blissful hour and a half, you float through the spa to enjoy the sauna or steam room, further mellowing into sheer tranquility, your entire body finally exhaling. But complementary all-day access to the pools and beach beckons…

The 90-minute Fall in Love With Yourself Package at ShuiQi Spa at Atlantis The Palm costs AED 695 and is available until 31 March. The spa is open daily 9am-9pm. Book online at, email or call +971 4 42 61020.

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