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Upgrade Your Manicure and Pedicure with a Gemstone Massage

We always used to say that the summer would slow down. For many of us, until we jet off for a week or two vacation that isn’t the case. That’s why a few moments of self-love every week is of upmost importance in your routine. Whether you’re skeptical or not, a gemstone massage is too good not to try at least once. Arriving at one of the regions favorite salons this month, Tips & Toes has created a manicure and pedicure add on which is set to help you unwind and teach you a thing or two about the world of wellness. Introducing the gemstone massage.

Working with a variety of different stones, once you arrive you choose which is best for relieving whatever issue you may have. Known as the universal stone of love rose quartz offers harmony promoting self-healing within. Jade helps to relieve stress and anxiety. Yellow Tigers Eye can help you focus your mind if you need to do some decision making. Blue turquoise is known for its detoxifying properties and finally carnelian which rids the mind of any negative thoughts.

A half an hour treatment, Tips & Toes skilled therapists work their magic. Moving between massaging with their hands and the stone, they work with different pressures and sweeping movements, to relieve any tension in your hands and feet. Sit back and relax. We advise bringing some headphones to cancel out any noise of the salon for some extra self-healing time. At just AED210 for either hands or feet or AED260 its any easy decision when you’re next freshening up your nails. After all, if crystal healing is good enough for the likes of Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow

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