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Mohammed Hindash Has Just Launched Your New Favorite Eyeliner

Portrait of Mohammed Hindash.

By now, we’re all too familiar with Huda Kattan, SoniaxFyza and the myriad talented beauty gurus in the Middle East. But what about their male counterparts? Chief among them is Mohammed Hindash, the UAE-based Jordanian makeup artist who has been dominating our Instagram feeds with one flawlessly executed makeup look after another. Hindash, who began his career as a painter before dipping into cosmetics bags to great success, is taking his makeup skills to the next level by collaborating with Middle Eastern beauty retailer and cosmetics label Wojooh on a new liquid eyeliner.

“I was introduced to the team and fell in love with the quality of their products and the fact that they’re a Middle Eastern brand that represents the region,” says the pro who’s worked with Naomi Campbell, Chanel Iman, and Jessica Kahawaty to, explaining that he wanted his first collaboration to marry his love for the arts and beauty. “And that is with a jet-black, pen-style eyeliner.”

Hindash x Wow by Wojooh.

Indeed, black eyeliner is a timeless beauty staple that goes with everything from ripped jeans to a black-tie frock, but with the hundreds of thousands of formulas on the market, where does one begin? Well, with the local climate for starters. The Hindash X Wow by Wojooh Extreme Wear Eyeliner is an inky black pen that was made with the sweltering Middle Eastern temperatures in mind. “It doesn’t transfer, smudge, crack, or flake. It’s a 24-hour formula,” explains the makeup artist. Featuring a super-fine, precise pointed felt tip for GPS-enabled accuracy, liquid liner novices can achieve a side-to-side symmetrical cat-eye and a straight edge every single time. “I’m very detail-oriented but I can spot things I don’t like very early on so it saves us a lot of time. The only back and forth we did was on the eyeliner tip itself. I didn’t really want to reinvent the liner and create a gimmicky product that would be more of a trend, I wanted something classic, reliable, and easy to use.”

Though it was the makeup artist’s first time developing a product, he explains that the manufacturing process was smooth, no doubt thanks to his extensive knowledge on formulas and what works combined with his 10 years of experience in practicing makeup and art. “We tested various formulas and this liner stood out to me. It’s such a beautiful formula that I completely fell in love with,” he muses.

Hindash developed a profound interest in art during childhood, citing comic books and fashion magazines as influences. When he was a teenager, he would draw inspiration from different beauty and fashion editorials. The makeup artist, who is also a photographer, began painting when he was 19, before eventually shifting his focus to beauty. “Beauty has always been my main source of inspiration but I was scared to link the two, because shifting to beauty was something that sounded terrifying to me,” he recalls. “But now, 10 years later, I’ve found my ultimate passion in creating art through beauty. Creating makeup is just the beginning.” Now for the question on everyone’s lips: Can we expect a Mohammed Hindash makeup line in the near future? “I’m working on it as we speak.”

Hindash X Wow by Wojooh Extreme Wear Eyeliner retails at AED 85 online and at Wojooh stores in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan, and Lebanon.

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