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5 Contouring Kits For Beginners

Much like executing a flawless cat-eye, impeccably contouring your features is no easy task. But if done correctly, sculpting your features has the ability to slim your nose, accentuate your cheekbones, and define your jawline. The secret? Having the right arsenal of products. That’s where contouring kits come in, which pack a highlighter and contour powder (or cream) into one sleek palette, offering a simplified solution to face-sculpting. Double-ended sticks have a dark pigment on one end and a lighter on the other, streamlining your makeup bag and morning mirror time. Some brands also sell contouring pencils in sets of three that shade, bronze, and highlight. Cream products are easier to manipulate, blend, or erase if you make mistakes. Here, five new contouring palettes, compacts, and sticks for stealthy face sculpting.

Lead Image: Giorgio Armani Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear, Indigital

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