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How to Do Your Makeup When Wearing a Face Mask

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Heading out? With our new normal calling for us to don face masks in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, its time to rethink your makeup routine. Especially as the weather heats up, by the time you get to your location you might find that you don’t have much left on. Here are the tips and tricks to follow.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Anyone who has worn a face mask knows it can cause some irritation to the skin. To prevent this its best to invest in a heavy moisturizer. Apply before you even begin your makeup routine ensuring skin is well hydrated. This can create a barrier between your dermis and the mask that can help prevent friction and irritation.

This also applies for your lips too, where it’s best to opt for a balm instead of a lipstick. Due to the friction caused by the mask, the skin around your face and on your lips can get irritated causing you to lick them. This can cause damage to the epidermal skin barrier. Using a lip balm that contains humectants can help protect this barrier when wearing a mask.

Keep Things Light

Heavy foundation and masks just don’t work. Instead, it’s time to opt for non-comedogenic formulations (meaning it won’t block pores) and lighter options. Look to BB and CC creams and then work with a waterproof concealer where needed. This is also an easier option for touch-ups when you arrive at your location.

Just because half your face is covered, it’s also always important to remember an SPF. Look for a formulation that includes it and don’t forget to reapply or touch up with a powder containing SPF 30+.

Focus On The Eyes 

There’s never been a better time to focus on perfecting your eye makeup. Whether you opt for a bold liner or statement shadow this is how you can achieve a full impact look without the fear of smudging. For those looking to really draw attention to their gaze, opt for a shadow that contains shimmer. This opens up the eyes and draws in light. Play around and experiment with different textures too like mattes and glosses. Finish with layers of mascara.

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