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L’Occitane’s Latest Collaboration Is Here to Brighten Up Your Day


January is a time for reflection. A time for contemplation and cementing rituals for the rest of the year. This hopefully involves some much needed time to yourself to relax and unwind. Helping you to achieve this is L’Occitane and its latest collaboration with OMY. Founded in 2012 by a pair of Parisian graphic designers, OMY was created to offer the whole family coloring products that could be customized to your every whim. The founders Elvire Laurent and Marie-Cerise Lichtlé have now teamed up with L’Occiatne to give its iconic Shea range a new look.

First up, the packaging has been revamped, adorned with illustrations you can color in yourself. Watch out for imagery reminiscent of the brand and its most famous ingredients. Think a bag filled with lavender, a garden of roses and a cartoon tube of hand cream walking down the street.

Grabbing your coloring pen, you will achieve so much more than having your own customized product. Once believed to be an activity for only children, scientific studies have proved the health benefits of adult coloring. Helping to reduce stress, relieve anxiety and soothe the nerves it can also help you find a new wave of creativity.

From hand cream to moisturizer, L’Occitane’s shea butter is 100% organic. Made in Burkina Faso a country in West Africa, the butter is extracted through traditional methods. Certified Fair Trade, it has been purchased directly from women’s she butter cooperatives ensuring they receive maximum profits. This has been going on for over 30 years when the founder of L’Occitane Olivier Baussan first visited the country. The partnership was furthered in 2018 when a $2 million project was launched with the aim of protecting shea trees, improving sustainability, strengthening governance and diversifying women’s income.

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