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Charge Up Your Beauty Routine with Crystal Healing


Courtesy of Llio

Whether you’re a believer of not, the world of crystal healing is gaining traction. Carrying energy and vibrations of their own, Nia Thomas the founder of Llio crystoils wanted to draw on these powers and make them available to everyone. Combining essential oil blends with gemstone crystals she created a product that can seriously charge up your beauty routine.

What drew you to the world of crystal healing?

I’ve always had a thing about crystals, they are pretty to look at, you can feel the vibration and calm yourself down by holding one. Believing in crystals is just like believing in a magic stone, they help your mindset.

How did you learn the art?

We studied a few courses with Philip Permutt and we also spent a great deal of time learning about crystals and having crystal healing sessions with Kim Alexis. Both are talented experts in their field, with years of experience with crystals. It was also very important for us that our crystals are ethically sourced, with mines that promote good labor conditions. Llio crystoils fuses together the finest ethically sourced crystals from Brazil with the highest grade essential and base oils.

Why did you decide to launch Llio?

It is a bit of a sad to happy story. Darkness to light!  I started to develop Llio four years ago. I studied Aromatherapy at Regents collage.  I also traveled around the country and to beauty trade shows to learn about essential oils and I met with a lot of other aromatherapy enthusiasts to create blends. The brand was started in memory of my mother who passed away very suddenly.  I was motivated to create a beauty brand to encourage people to really look after themselves through hard times.  My mother was a beauty therapist, who attended beauty school at the age of 16 and regularly blended oils in the family home, so a history of beauty and essential oils in the family inspired the brand.

What sets it apart from other crystal healing practices?

Llio is here to complement any crystal healing someone may do. The oils are there for anyone who may be into crystals or crystal healing to have at home.  You can literally crystal charge yourself with the oils.  I love beauty products and crystals – I wanted to create a brand that combined both in a luxurious way.


Courtesy of Llio

How would you suggest applying them?

Llio oils can be used as a body oil or for ritual baths. They offer the perfect way to relax, reconnect and crystal charge yourself.  The oils have a dual purpose so you can use them in the bath or on your body. You can also use them on your pulse points as well!

How do you advise that people charge their crystals?

There are many ways to charge your crystals, you can cleanse them with water to purify them and clean them from negative energies. You can also charge them by placing them in sunlight or moonlight.

What formula are you most proud of?

I, of course, love all of the blends but if I had to choose, the Magic Centre Crystoil. It is a really grounding oil created with some very slow essential oils such as vetiver and vanilla. These essential oils are deep and you can literally be mesmerized by watching these oils drip into our blends, they are slow-moving and can really help you when you need to ground yourself and slow down. This crystoil itself is infused with obsidian crystals – a deep soul healing crystal and protective stone to ground your base chakra and absorb negative energies.

What’s next for Llio?

We only started in October and so far the launch has gone amazingly. We hope the next steps are raising more awareness of Llio. We would love more people in the world to love themselves and be crystal charged!

Llio is available at Illuminations in Dubai

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