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Watch: We Explore The Middle East’s Ever-Evolving Beauty Industry

The concept of beauty in the Middle East is a vast and varied subject. With a history steeped in cross-cultural integration, there are many similarities, yet so many differences. Now one of the fastest-growing regions in the world when it comes to makeup and cosmetic procedures, we’re bringing together some of the biggest names in beauty to discuss how and why the industry is on the rise like never before. Tonight, on the Vogue Loves Fashion Avenue main stage at The Dubai Mall from 7pm, Vogue Arabia Beauty Editor Alexandra Venison will join award-winning makeup artist Mohammed Hindash, beauty entrepreneur and makeup artist Eljammi Gozalli, and leading surgeon Dr. Jaffer Khan to dissect the wide-reaching topic.

Be part of the conversation by tuning into our live stream above.

The Changing Face Of Beauty Panel will begin at 7pm on Monday, November 19, at the Vogue Loves Fashion Avenue main stage at The Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue. Spaces are limited and on a “first come, first served” basis. For more information about Vogue Loves Fashion Avenue, including a list of exclusive talks with celebrities and style icons, masterclasses from industry experts, and live performances, click here

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