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Lindsay Lohan’s Latest Makeup-Free Selfie is a Testament to the New Mom Glow

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Lindsay Lohan first announced her pregnancy in the simplest way on Instagram in March 2023 — she posted a picture of a onesie with the phrase “coming soon” printed on it — and has since kept her fans updated with a few pictures here and there. Now, in early August, she has even bigger news: her bundle of joy has finally been born, and she shared another update with fans via a selfie.

The Parent Trap actor posted her mirror selfie with a caption all about pregnancy and what follows as part of a paid partnership with a disposable underwear brand. “I am so proud of what this body was able to accomplish during these months of pregnancy and now, recovery. Having a baby is the greatest joy in the world,” she wrote. “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a postpartum mom.”

Lohan had a simple smile as she posed in front of the mirror. Her lengthy red hair cascaded all the way toward her hips in the lightest of waves. Her face appeared mostly makeup-free except for her eyes, which looked like they might have been lined with black eyeliner.


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Lohan’s pregnancy was a delightful surprise for many fans, who were amazed to watch as the childhood star went through the process of having her own baby. Pregnancy is an experience, which feels like an underplaying of the life-changing and body-altering moment.

Lohan recently talked with Allure about said experience and what her life has looked like for the last few years living in Dubai. “I can’t wait to see what the feeling is and what it’s like to just be a mom,” she said and noted how easily she was moved to “happy tears” during pregnancy. We hope those happy tears continue to flow as Lohan and her husband finally get to spend time with their newborn.

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