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What is Latte Makeup? Here’s How to Do TikTok’s Latest Beauty Trend

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This year, TikTok has produced all sorts of summer trends — from mermaidcore to tomato girl and milk nails. The latest aesthetic taking over the app is called latte makeup, and luckily, it’s super easy to do.

Simple and subdued, the “clean girl aesthetic” carried beauty TikTok from winter to spring. The focus of the trend was perfecting a nice light base. Other key characteristics included soap brows, a strong sheer blush, glossy lips, and little to no eye makeup. Now, TikTok is taking things up a notch with latte makeup — a more glam look, perfect for summer to fall. Here’s everything you need to know if you’re ready to give the latte makeup trend a try, or should we say a sip?

What is latte makeup?

TikTok’s Latte makeup trend primarily uses shades of brown with touches of shimmer throughout to create a cohesive and sculpted yet warm and bright look. With neutral tones that go with everything and a bronze glowy finish that instantly looks high glam, it’s an easy, quick, and versatile beauty routine.

Just like cloud makeup, latte makeup is a blast from the past. The recent trend was inspired by makeup artist Tanielle Jai who created a glowy bronze look in 2018 that resurfaced on TikTok in the late spring of 2023. Ideal for summer, the latte makeup trend gives the wearer a healthy sun-kissed glow as if they just stepped off the beach. It also allows for a subtle contour that seamlessly blends with the whole look. And thanks to its neutral and brown tones, it can be incorporated into your fall beauty routine too.

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How to do latte makeup

To truly nail the latte makeup look, you’re going to want to add some definition to the eyes while also highlighting them. Pick darker shades if you want more definition, or lighter shades if you want a more simple, no-makeup look.

– Step 1: Start by applying primer or a light brown shade of eyeshadow as a base all over the lids, then grab a darker shade of brown for the creases and outer corners of your eyes.
Pro tip: If you want a more in-depth look with more transition shades, stick to the same idea. Build pigmentation, starting with the lightest shade of brown as the base, and choose darker shades as you go outwards.

– Step 2: Next, apply a gold or champagne shade of glimmer to the inner corner or center of your eyelid, depending on where you prefer to highlight.

– Step 3: Finally, choose a dark brown shade of eyeliner. While it is a popular choice to smoke it out, you can also opt for a short wing or whatever your preferred eyeliner style is.

Now that the eyes are done, it’s time for the face:

– Step 1: Use a shade similar to your darker eyeshadow (or you could even just opt for an all-in-one product and use the same one) to do your contour. Like eyeliner, contouring is all about preference, but if you want to do it latte style, apply small amounts of contour at the top of the forehead on both sides, underneath the cheekbones, and on the jaw. Then, blend it all out.

– Step 2: Finish by highlighting the face with gold or champagne shimmer, just like the one used for the eyes. Add a swipe to your cheekbones, the tip of your nose, above the cupid’s bow, and anywhere else you want to shine.

– Step 3: For the last touches, you can stick to the brown color scheme or add a pop of color. If blush is a mainstay in your routine, you can opt for a brown or gold shade, or perhaps stick to your favorite pink for a rose latte look.

– Step 4: Lips! You can try a soft brown or neutral lip. Line your lips with a darker shade, or blend it out for an effortless look.

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