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From Mascara to Implants: 5 Lash Growth Boosting Treatments to Try

Eyelashes have reached new heights, with improved treatments boosting lash growth – and even the humble mascara getting a supercharged upgrade.

lash growth

Photo: Joaquin Burgueno

Next-gen lash extensions

Co-founder of Dubai boutique salon The Lash Show, Bushra Shakhsheer, says that lash trends have lightened up, with customers looking for flatteringly natural lengths with boosted volume, rather than the thicker faux lashes of the 2010s. “The most natural-looking, wake up-ready style follows your existing lash line, with a dash of exaggeration,” she recommends. The Saudi-born Jordanian says that customization and tailored lashes is a major driver for her clientele, with women wanting to have their lash set’s length, volume, color, and weight adjusted to suit their eye shape and personal style. “A woman can choose to go for a volume set, but then the set can range from a super soft look with a half-set 3D to a glamour look with full-set 6D,” she explains, pointing out that the concept of volume varies vastly between clients. For a curated experience, it’s best to find a lash technician who can preview a look before application. “When visiting the Lash Show, you can try on sample lashes, and check elements of our own brand products, such as the quality, softness of our lash hairs, the different thickness, and curls being offered,” Shakhsheer adds.

Lash-boosting serum

“Fabulous lashes don’t just happen overnight. What people may not know is that we have a three-month lash cycle,” reveals GrandeLash-MD founder, Alicia Grande on the lifespan of the lash. She recommends using a revitalizing serum once a day, with GrandeLash-MD Lash Enhancing Serum including ingredients such as amino acids, hyaluronic acid, and antioxidants to fortify, hydrate, and cultivate the natural style. Differences in lash length and density can appear in four to six weeks, with the full results in three months when the natural cycle concludes. After this, switch to using every second day to maintain. Grande says that the correct application is key to getting the most from a lash-boosting conditioner. “I see women who are really eager to start seeing results apply the serum in excess in hopes that they see longer-looking lashes, faster. But applying the serum twice a day or more than the recommended amount will not yield faster results,” she warns. “Another mistake I see women making is applying the serum directly on their lashes or on their bottom lash line.” Instead, she says, apply along the lash line and onto the skin close to the root, just like you would a liquid eyeliner.

Lash implants

For those with little to work with, eyelash tr ansplants are a reconstr ucti ve procedure best suited to those who have lost their lashes through tr auma or illness. Dr Ahsen Farooque, hair transplant surgeon at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, says the pain-free process is similar to a hair transplant, with donor follicles grafted into the natural lash line using an implanter pen. The specialist-performed procedure takes two to three hours, with just the one session required to graft 35 to 50 lashes on the upper eyeliner, and 20 to 30 grafts onto the lower lid. After the initial treatments, the lash will conti nue to regrow naturally from the transplanted follicle, without further implantation sessions required. “The only reason you would want to have a further transplant for cosmetic reasons is to increase the density of the eyelashes,” explains Dr Farooque. The results, he says, can be remarkable, adding “you may actually find that you need to cut your eyelashes every seven to 10 days because they will grow so long.” Lash implants, AED 15 000-20 000, Dubai Cosme c Surgery

Care-infused mascara

Luxe beauty brands are blurring the lines between makeup and skincare, with Lancôme’s latest launch of its first foray into lash-care centered mascara. The formula’s wax component, traditionally used as a flexible base for mascaras, has been replaced in the new Le 8 Hypnôse by 91% black balm and 5% shea butter. Infused with eight amino acids naturally found in keratin, the new hybrid product is part volumizing and lengthening mascara part-fortifying and nourishing lash treatment. With field studies to support its claims, Le 8 Hypnôse promises visibly strengthened and denser-looking lashes after four weeks of consistent use.

Lash-nourishing supplements

While eyelash length is largely dependent on genetics, keeping them in good health is one of the best ways to help each follicle reach its full potential. Those missing essential nutrients in their diet will experience shorter growth cycles with more frequent fall and breakage. Nourish lashes from the root with a dedicated supplement based around biotin, also known as vitamin B7. This water-soluble nutrient helps produce thicker hair – meaning more voluminous lashes – and supports the production of keratin, the building block of hair cells. Look for a supplement that is boosted with folic acid, zinc, and selenium, for optimum cell stimulati on and support. The addition of a daily vitamin A supplement also helps you keep lashes healthier for longer, with the essential vitamin encouraging the production of natural oils to help hydrate the follicle and prevent brittle lash breakage.

Originally published in the April 2023 issue of Vogue Arabia

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