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Kilian Launches a Line of Scented Lipsticks


We all know Kilian Hennessy for his masterfully blended scents under his namesake brand Kilian. To kick off his move into makeup, he has launched a collection of six lipsticks. Focusing on the iconic shade that is red, they all arrive both in matte and satin finishes. “The quest of every woman to find their perfect Rouge is exactly the same as the quest to find the perfect scent,” says Kilian, “Once they find it, it becomes their signature,” says Hennessy.

Bold pigments are key alongside an exciting twist. Truly enhancing the experience of the wearer, Kilian has infused each formula with an enticing scent. Featuring a blend of gourmand vanilla and floral notes of neroli, it allows for a multisensory experience. The formula has also been created with comfort in mind with moisturizing properties at the forefront. All encased in the brands signature Achilles shield motif, the black lacquer case offers the ultimate accessory.

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