June 13, 2024

15 Kicked Bob Ideas to Inspire Your Summer Hairstyle

One of hairstylist Luke Hersheson’s top hairstyles for summer? The kicked bob, which features a slight flip – where the hair curves upwards – at ends.


Perhaps best exemplified by Gigi Hadid, whose new shorter cut regularly features a kick, the look is less about the shape of the haircut and more about how you style it – nonetheless, the simpler and shorter the style, the easier the flip comes to play because it doesn’t have gravity to contend with.

An easy way to switch up your style, all you really need is a pair of straighteners to execute the look, bending the tools upwards at the ends to create a subtle, flicked effect. Alternatively, make like Hadid and tie your hair into a low pony while it’s wet, and let it out when dry – the result is a natural kicked-out look, no styling needed.

Need any convincing? Here are some of our favorite kicked bobs to inspire you.

Originally published on Vogue.co.uk

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