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Vogue Cover Girl Kenza Fourati Shares Her Beauty Tips and Secrets

With a glowing, fresh complexion, and effortless hair seemingly styled by the wind, Tunisian-French model Kenza Fourati has mastered the art of laissez faire French beauty. It’s no wonder then that, Fourati, who is currently pursuing film (she studies acting at the New York Film Academy),  has been selected to walk the runways of quintessential Parisian maisons such as Balenciaga, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Celiné. Her striking features have captivated photographers too, landing her on the pages of numerous publications, including a cover with Vogue Italia in 2016.

Here, Vogue Arabia’s October cover star, who recently gave birth to a baby girl in March, shares her top beauty tips and secrets she lives by when it comes to her night time routine, warding off the signs of jet lag, and maintaining her bangs.

Top in-flight essentials?

I stick to the Ayurvedic essential oil, Jiva-Apoha. It is extremely soothing and nourishing. And it reverses the ravaging effects of jet lag on the skin.

What’s your favorite way to get ready for the red carpet?

My favorite thing to do before an important red carpet event is to work out and pump up the heart rate. I usually opt for a session of Bikram yoga or pilates. You feel amazing and energetic afterwards, and so ready for the event.

Is there a DIY face mask that you swear by?

Honestly nothing beats coconut oil. I use it for everything, including a face and body scrub. I just mix brown sugar with coconut oil in a small bowl, before rinsing it. I really believe in dry brushing as well.

After a long day, what’s your nighttime prep routine?

Evenings are the only time that I can really enjoy a ritual and take care of my skin before bed. The house is quiet, the baby is asleep, my husband too. Because of my 6-month-old daughter, I am very mindful of the products I use on myself and in my house. I recently discovered this incredible brand, all natural, called l’Odaïtes. It is truly a journey of the senses. They use organic ingredients such as neroli, bitter orange, and essential oils. Your skin feels so replenished after a long day, your eyes well-rested, and the smell! It transports you to a Mediterranean garden. I cleanse my face with the brand’s Eau Micellaire, which is their cleanser. Then use Witch Hazel as toner, and go to bed. I like my skin to breath at night. Sometimes if my complexion is too dry, I will massage rose oil. It works like magic.

What’s your trick to maintaining such flawless bangs?

I am lucky to find myself on sets with my friends, and they’re nice enough to trim them regularly. My hair grows so fast but I love to have it shorter now. I like to gloss my fringe regularly as well. It feels so healthy afterwards.

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