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Kendall Jenner Talks All Things Beauty With Vogue Arabia

Courtesy of Estee Lauder.

Originally featured in Vogue Arabia’s September 2017 issue.

Keeping up with Kendall Jenner is no mean feat. She has walked for every major designer, including donning wings for Victoria’s Secret and closing Chanel’s Fall 2015 Couture show as the Chanel bride. And then there are her other ventures, such as Vogue covers and being a global spokesmodel for Estée Lauder. Yet between the paparazzi following her and fashion’s elite observing her every move, the 21-year-old manages to keep her cool. So as a month of shows, shoots, and endless travel kicks into full swing, how exactly does she cope? “The biggest thing for me is to get as much rest as I can before the craziness starts. That and lots of vitamins,” she says.

Jenner has her routine down to ensure her body stays in prime shape. On top of taking vitamins, she drinks lots of water and tries to eat as healthy as possible. “I mostly stick to protein, vegetables, and fruit,” she explains. “When I have time, I take a boxing class or work out with my sisters. Keeping my skin hydrated is also super important, especially since I go through so many makeup changes during photo shoots and fashion week.”

Having walked 13 shows just for Fall 2017 womenswear – from Marc Jacobs in New  York to Balmain in Paris – it comes as no surprise that Jenner has traveling down to an art form. “My number one rule is to never wear makeup when I travel, and to always moisturize. Flying dehydrates your skin so I find it best to moisturize before I head to the airport, and again right before I land.” She also breaks down her beauty regimen. “I try to keep my skincare routine simple. I always take my makeup off before bed, and wash and moisturize my face regularly.” Working with Estée Lauder has its perks, and she admits to using the brand’s most iconic products.

“I apply Advanced Night Repair Serum in the evening, and wake up with refreshed, glowing skin. I also use Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery PowerFoil Mask once a week.”

Being backstage and on shoots with some of the world’s most talented makeup artists means Jenner learns from the masters, and can create a look worthy of the cameras without compromising her no-fuss routine. “I like easy tricks, like throwing on some eyeliner and smudging it out a bit for a smoky look. I do the eyeliner flick a lot, which instantly makes your eyes look bigger,” she states. Convenient, as her favorite trend for the season ahead is “big hair and winged eyeliner.” Her other beauty standby is classic red lipstick. “It’s stylish, sexy, and glamorous and can instantly change your mood.”

She didn’t just develop her routine backstage, though – she does have three older sisters, after all. “They wanted to help Kylie and me avoid any beauty mishaps that they went through at our age, so they’ve always told us how important it is to wear sunscreen, use eye cream, and moisturize.” This doesn’t mean her beauty journey was without fault. “One time I used one of those vanity mirrors, the close-up magnifying kind, and plucked literally all of my eyebrows off. Khloé yelled at me, ‘You can’t touch your eyebrows until they fully grow out!’ It was not cute. I was mortified. Once my brows started to grow out, she took me to my first eyebrow lady.”

With more than 82 million fans on Instagram following her every move, how does Jenner take the perfect picture? “Lighting is very important. If you’re not in the right light, it just won’t work. I like to keep it pretty natural – or black and white is always cool.”

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