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Exclusive: Karen Wazen on Becoming the First Regional Ambassador for Guerlain Skincare

Karen Wazen has many achievements to her name and adding to her gradually increasing list of firsts is her latest appointment: the Dubai-based Lebanese entrepreneur has been named the first regional ambassador of Guerlain’s skincare line.

Karen Wazen. Photo: German Larkin

With more than seven million Instagram followers in her arsenal, her own line of sunglasses, and fashion collaborations, the digital entrepreneur’s influence reaches far beyond the Middle East. Venturing into beauty, she has now joined forces with Guerlain, the storied brand that was founded in 1828, and holds a special place in her memories. “It is an absolute honor to be the first Arab woman to represent such a legacy house,” says Wazen. “It almost feels surreal that Guerlain, a house that my grandmother turned to for products, is making me a part of its history and story in the Arab world.” Véronique Courtois, CEO of Guerlain says, “At the heart of Guerlain is an unsurpassed culture representative of all beauty; we look forward to continuing this story in the Middle East through our brand advocate Karen Wazen who reflects our quest in creating a more beautiful and sustainable world.”

Photo: German Larkin

Loved for her friendly, upbeat, and feminine energy, Wazen describes herself fitting into the role of ambassador seamlessly, stating, “As a house whose DNA and heritage are in complete and authentic alignment with my own ethos, I look forward to this beautiful and exciting new chapter together.” Guerlain is known for its advocacy of both nature and glamour in creating ethical and luxurious products with the aim of having women feel their best. It is this commitment that drew Wazen to the brand, since she describes her passion for clean skincare as an extension of self-love. “When you take care of your skin, you are protecting yourself.”

Wazen outside the Guerlain Spa on the Champs-Élysées that opened in 1939. Photo: German Larkin

Guerlain cemented this mission by launching In The Name of Beauty in 2007, as part of which it introduced initiatives to put into action its promises of environmentalism. “We are almost under the impression that sustainability in the world of luxury or beauty does not go hand in hand,” says Wazen of the movement. “But Guerlain is truly changing the game, where sustainability is at the core of its values.” With a focus on the bee as the brand’s emblem, it continues its promise of conservation, sustainability, and preserving biodiversity. Guerlain was one of the first brands to appreciate bees’ trailblazing healing agents, such as honey and royal jellies, by introducing Abeille Royale, a series of products formulated with BlackBee Repair technology. “Guerlain is all about protecting the most fundamental part of life, which is nature,” says Wazen.

For the reveal of her ambassadorship, the mother-of-three was photographed at the iconic Guerlain Spa on the Champs-Élysées that opened its doors in 1914 with construction work led by the architect Charles Mewès, who also created the iconic Ritz hotel in Paris. Occupying the first floor of Maison Guerlain, L’Institut Guerlain opened in 1939 as the world’s first beauty salon. Today, this flagship urban spa combines its pioneering expertise with deeply personalized wellbeing and luxurious treatments.

Shop the full Guerlain Beauty Collection on the online boutique at, and at the Guerlain Boutique at Harvey Nichols Dubai and Mall of the Emirates.

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