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The Kardashian Sisters Collaborate on a New Fragrance Collection

The triple Kardashian threat is back with the upcoming release of a new KKW fragrance collaboration between Kim, Khloé, and Kourtney. The Diamond Collection, a trio of perfumes scheduled to launch on November 8, features a personalized scent from each Kardashian sister and is bottled in different colors of the rare gem.

Although the Kardashian-Jenner women often collaborate with each other in their respective fashion and beauty brands, this is the first time in years all three original sisters have teamed up together.

“This collection is really special because it’s the first fragrance collaboration I’ve done with Kourtney and Khloé for my KKW Fragrance line. Each of the fragrances really capture us individually,” wrote Kardashian West on Instagram.

Kim’s clear bottle embodying a classic diamond and the white florals’ scent within features fresh notes of sampaguita blossom, wild armoise, coconut milk cream, ylang ylang oil, and sugar-coated ginger. Kourtney’s yellow diamond is reminiscent of sunshine and its vibrancy shines through a blend of golden berries, jasmine, magnolia, and vanilla. 

Even if Khloé’s brunette locks circa 2012 Keeping Up With The Kardashians in the campaign debut almost steal the show, her floral pink diamond is just as attention-grabbing with its hints of Italian bergamot, jasmine, lilac blossoms and musk reminding us about the power of a dreamy bouquet.

This new KKW line comes fresh off the success of a perfume collab with younger sister Kylie Jenner a few months ago. After postponing its release because of production delays, the funky lip-shaped perfumes iconic of Kylie’s cult-favorite Lip Kit entered stores in August. Also touting three different fragrances named for its lipstick shade bottle, the previous mashup may be similar to this new collection, but with all new scents (and without matching pastel bodysuits).

We’re ready and waiting to be dripping in this diamond set, though we wouldn’t mind accessorizing it with a few real ones as well.

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