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Jourdan Dunn Reveals Her Skincare Secrets, the Best Beauty Tip She’s Ever Received, and More

As one of the world’s most in-demand models, Jourdan Dunn has consistently broken ceilings throughout her 17-year career and achieved monumental success. She was the first Black model to walk the Prada runway in 2008, has fronted campaigns for the likes of Maybelline and Charlotte Tilbury, and of course, has been on the cover of Vogue. Here, she talks about staying grounded, the Korean skincare tips she swears by, and much more.

Jourdan Dunn


On how she wakes up in the morning

“I am a morning person – I only discovered this during the pandemic when I realized I needed to really utilize my time. I wake up at 5am, and I’ll either do some stretches or jump rope, then I do a guided meditation. I will read and then do some journalling or listen to a podcast, and drink a cup of herbal tea. And then, yeah, it’s basically an hour of silence and stillness. I don’t have to worry about someone calling my name, I can just focus and bring that time and energy onto me. I’ve realized that when I don’t do that, I’m off balance and ungrounded. It’s a ritual I have to do every day.”

On her evening skincare routine

“It’s pretty much the same in the evening as it is the morning. During shows, when I’m wearing a lot of makeup, I double cleanse with oil and cream cleansers. Apart from that, I used to have a crazy 10-step Korean-inspired skincare routine, and then learned to strip it back and do something gentle. Now I use Exuviance’s Gentle Cleansing Crème, the Clinisoothe Skin Purifier, and then maybe some Medik8 Blemish Control Pads. After that, I use Neostrata Lifting Serum and a nice night cream, like Charlotte Tilbury’s Night Cream. I learned to simplify my skincare routine and not do too much – I used to be that person who was like “oh my God, there’s a new trend I need to try”, but now I’ve learned what works for me.”


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On wellness

“Wellness is a part of my everyday life and I think it’s very important. I like to do practices that keep me grounded, especially as I’m always traveling and around other people. I love to do a grounding meditation, and carry certain stones, like smoky quartz, to help me ground myself. Even just lying on the floor outside, dancing or cooking, and listening to affirmation music are all things that bring me balance.”

On the best beauty tip she’s received

“I read it somewhere – it was an article about Korean skincare tips. They said that you should spend the same amount of time taking your makeup off as you do putting it on. That’s when I started really honoring my evening rituals. I don’t care if my partner or son is telling me to hurry up in the bathroom. That’s my time and I enjoy it.”


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On pharmacy skincare favorites

Vichy do a great face sheet mask, which I love to carry with me when I’m traveling on a trip. They’re really, really good.

On her favorite form of exercise

“I’m definitely a Pilates girl. I started doing it about six or seven years ago, but I’ve been fully committed in the last year. It’s the one form of exercise where I can really see and feel the difference. I never thought I was strong or that I had enough upper body strength to lift myself up, but I do now thanks to Pilates. I tell everybody to do it.”

On her happiest hair moment

“I’m so blessed that I work with such amazing hairstylists, so I have a few. I love my summer hair, when I’m off on vacay and I have my boho braids. I don’t even have to think about my hair, I can have it in for three weeks and it still looks good. I also like when it’s in a side parting, long and wavy. And then sometimes I just like a stripped-back pony.”


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On her model off-duty look

“It depends. Right now I’m really loving JW Anderson. I feel like its jeans are just so cool and easy. That could be the statement piece, then just like a tank and a jacket. I could wear them with some boots or if I’m just running errands, I’d wear it with some Clarks Torhill shoes.”

On facials

“I see Debbie Thomas. She’s the queen of lasers and has been looking after my skin for a good seven years now. Whenever I need to get my skin looking good, I go to her.”

On self-help books

“I love reading and I’m all about self development. It’s my favorite subject and I love learning how to better myself. The books that I’m obsessed with right now are both by the same author, Marianne Williamson. Her book Return to Love is a book I think everyone should read. It’s all about how love is the key for everything in our worlds, and how we can inject love into work, loving relationships with our partners, friends, our bodies and selves. I’m on my third read. Another book I’m reading of hers is A Woman’s Worth, which is something I feel every young girl, woman, mum, nan, sister and aunt should read. It’s about going within and allowing your inner goddess to arise. I’ve legitimately bought 10 books of each and have been handing them out to everybody that I love.”


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On manicures

“I came into the nail game late. I was never that girl when I was younger because at school we had a supply teacher who had these long red nails and it scared me! Now I’m embracing it and I have two different manicurists who will come to my house, depending on who’s available. Right now, this is the first time that I’ve ever had even a French manicure, so I’m slowly becoming a mani baby girl. I’m getting there.”

On her secret to a life well lived

“Honestly, just bringing joy into things in everything you do. Surround yourself with beautiful things: beautiful smells, flowers, music, watching movies and eating food. That, for me, is pure enjoyment. I feel like we need to bring these little pleasures into our lives.”

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