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Jeremy Scott on His Collaboration with MAC


Jeremy Scott x MAC. Courtesy of MAC

MAC Cosmetics teamed up with Jeremy Scott for a collection of limited-edition makeup inspired by music. The designer tells us more.

How did this collaboration come about?

MAC has created the looks for my shows for so many years. They’ve not only supported my designs from a cosmetic perspective, they’ve also helped to bring my documentary to life, and their philanthropic efforts separate them from other brands. Makeup is such an interesting product and it was so challenging for me, which was another reason this collection means so much. We created new shapes for the compacts and palettes and that’s something that takes quite a while. MAC has made all of my visions a reality and it’s really full circle as we have such a rich long history together.

You created a Limited Edition lipstick for your documentary. Did this have anything to do with it?

MAC helped to bring my documentary to life, so creating this sleeve for one of MAC’s iconic lipsticks with my name on it was surreal.

What is the concept behind the collection?

Music is a constant in my life. When I’m prepping for my show or dressing a pop star for her tour, I put music on and we use it as a muse to bring these different images and visions to life. Taking a makeup palette and turning it into a boom box, cassette, and CD pays homage to music.


Jermery Scott x MAC lip palette. Courtesy of MAC

Tell us about the color palette.

All the products are strong and bold. It makes a statement. I wanted this collection to offer diversity and versatility.

How did you come up with the packaging?

It doesn’t look like a makeup packaging box and I think that’s the purest expression of my creativity right now. It’s about what I do, the humor I have, and the way I see things and alter them.

What was it like working with the MAC team on a full collection?

MAC has always been a great supporter for me, since the beginning of my career. Once I came up with how I wanted the collection to look, we worked very closely to make sure it was packaged in the way I had envisioned and that the colors we chose for each of the palettes were fun, innovative, and universally flattering.

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