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Jennifer Lopez Just Took On TikTok’s Favorite Nail Trend—But With a Twist

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Show-stopping nails are nothing new for Jennifer Lopez. But from her milky bridal manicure to her vampy fall manicure, the triple-threat performer has been marking practically every occasion with a masterfully crafted set lately.

Among her latest statements crafted by her longtime manicurist, Tom Bachik, was a sharp, creamy white manicure with gilded detail. It was decorated by delicate metallic decals—including hearts, chains, mini hoop piercings, and crystal studs—with a single digit emblazoned with a cursive “JLo.”


The latter statement wasn’t just a nod to Lopez’s iconic nickname but part of a wave of initial-showcasing manicures—dubbed “boyfriend nails”— on the rise on TikTok. Over the summer, Lopez sported a design with a “J / B” as a wink to her then-fiancé now-husband Ben Affleck in a more straightforward interpretation of the trend. Still, her most recent manicure proves it doesn’t have to revolve around a partner. Instead, it can be a tribute to yourself in legendary fashion—single, taken, or otherwise.


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