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Exclusive: Jean Paul Gaultier Fragrance Has Chosen Ameni Esseibi as its First Middle East Ambassador

In a first for Jean Paul Gaultier Fragrance, the French house has announced that Tunisian model Ameni Esseibi will be representing the brand as its first Middle East Ambassador.

 Jean Paul Gaultier fragrance

Photo: Courtesy Jean Paul Gaultier Fragrance. Photographer: Francesco Scotti

Dubai-based curvy model Ameni Esseibi has previously starred in Jean Paul Gaultier fragrance and fashion campaigns, and attended Paris Fashion Week dressed by the designer.
Vogue Arabia spoke exclusively to Esseibi about her exciting new role and how she feels to be representing fuller figured women in the Arab world for Jean Paul Gaultier Fragrance.

Congratulations on the new ambassador role! What was your initial reaction to it?
Jean Paul Gaultier is a brand that I’ve been dreaming to work with since I was a little girl. It represents me so much and there’s only a handful of brands that I really relate to before even entering the fashion industry. Since my first campaign with the brand in 2021, for Scandal Gold, I said to myself, I will become the ambassador of JPG, I will make it happen. I knew that  they’d never had a regional ambassador, let alone an Arab ambassador. I would’ve never been able to make it happen if the team did not believe in me, and honestly, the team has fought for me a lot throughout these three years. They really are my family. The day I signed the contract, I would be lying if I said couple of tears didn’t come down. I made the little girl in me proud.

What will your ambassador role entail?
First of all, it would consist of breaking every stereotype that a curvy woman doesn’t have a space in the fashion industry or in the beauty industry. That also the world is evolving, beauty standards are changing, diversity and inclusivity are not a trend anymore, but they are a must for all brands. The world is done with lies, with unrealistic beauty standards. They want to see realistic, authentic, genuine people as ambassadors for their favorite brands. That Arab women have a big place internationally and in the fashion world.

Photo: courtesy Jean Paul Gaultier Fragrance. Photographer: Francesco Scotti

Describe your relationship with the Jean Paul Gaultier Fragrance team – how has the house supported you?
I could talk about my relationship with JPG for hours. They really are my family. I have a lot of business relationships, a lot of friends in the industry, but few people I consider family. The team has even visited me in Tunisia. I travelled the world with them. We have cried, laughed, danced, got mad at each other, fought with each other, argued with each other. We really are family, and it’s the most beautiful thing that I have in my life honestly, I wouldn’t want to change it in any way. They have been so supportive, they listen to all my crazy ideas, and they actually care about me on a personal level and on a professional level. I grew up not feeling heard, seen, cared for, or loved. I always felt like no one ever believed in me, and that’s why I have this very strong and tough personality because I reached a point where I don’t care if people love me or care about me or want to help me or not because I will get it from myself. It’s the first time that I really felt loved and cared about genuinely.

What is your favourite Jean Paul Gaultier perfume?

La Belle Le Parfum Intense, and the new Scandal Absolu! Also, the Scandal Gold that we have just for the region is so sexy, I love it!

 Jean Paul Gaultier fragrance

Photo: courtesy Jean Paul Gaultier Fragrance. Photographer: Francesco Scotti

What is your favorite Jean Paul Gaultier runway fashion look, across all seasons?
Definitely the ready to wear Cyber collection (2022). From the dresses to the jumpsuit, it’s my favorite collection

Who is the Jean Paul Gaultier woman?
The Jean Paul Gaultier woman is unstoppable, fearless, strong, bold, daring, sexy, and unique. The Jean Paul Gaultier woman can transform her aura from a divine goddess to a sexy and rebellious woman. That’s the beauty of Jean Paul Gaultier; you can be whoever you want to be. There’s always a place for you and you’ll fit it like a glove.

What does beauty mean to you?
Beauty means to me accepting yourself and loving yourself the way you are, every inch of your body, every inch of your personality, including your insecurities. Beauty means having a pure heart, a genuine heart, sharing kindness and positivity to the world, always giving back, and smiling through the storms. Beauty is an aura. It’s an energy, you work on it, you evolve with it. You embrace it. Beauty comes from within.

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