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This Jordanian Entrepreneur’s Celebrity-Loved Beauty Brand is Reinventing False Lashes

IShimmer, Cruelty-free, Eye Lashes

Courtesy of IShimmer

The brainchild of Jordanian-American entrepreneur Ayah Mufleh, IShimmer has recently reinvented its lash collection. Going completely cruelty-free, Mufleh’s label now features 100 percent handmade silk lashes instead of mink lashes. The entrepreneur’s latest creations include five renewed lashes along with two new products. Catering to every mood – playful, soft, dramatic, or flirty – IShimmer’s fluttery lashes have often been spotted on A-list celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Winnie Harlow, Jasmine Sanders, Chanel Iman, and Sienna Miller. caught up with the entrepreneur to know all about the eco-friendly reinvention.

What was your reason for giving up mink lashes?

My views changed. I became more aware and I also noticed inspiring brands moving from nylon to paper bags and fur to faux fur. The whole movement against the use of animals and to be eco-friendlier was fascinating, so I wanted to try it. I wasn’t sure that I would be able to redesign my lashes without compromising our known quality. It took me so long to design the mink lashes, but I was so determined to try anyway. I wanted to redefine false lashes, and I did.

How did you find an alternative to mink lashes, and how long did it take for you to find it?

So long. It was a struggle for me because I was in London and had to start from absolute scratch to introduce my brand all over again – even though I had celebrity users. That, however, was my motivation. A relaunch.

Last October, I started experimenting with silk. There’s a taboo with silk lashes because the hair is thicker than the mink, which is why they tend to feel heavy. It was a nightmare! I thought it wasn’t even possible, especially because I had specific designs that needed to look the same on the eye in different material. The weight was a struggle to get to and the look was much more dramatic. After so many trials and errors, I was able to fully shift the whole collection and drop the mink.

I re-launched five of my top-selling designs and shifted them to silk, as well as introduced two new designs. The lashes are extremely weightless, flexible, and a soft band that the curl of the lashes lasts longer and the silk blends with your natural lashes. IShimmer lashes are cruelty-free and are not tested on animals or made from animal hair. My whole mission was to make them even easier to apply and look more natural than ever when applied with makeup to look flawless. And it should be catered to every woman because you do not have to be a professional for the lashes to look good.

What is the process of making the silk lashes like?

I was inspired by the way silk is obtained. The highest form of silk is obtained from cocoons. The protein fibers from the cocoon are extracted and then spun to form silk. The evolution of the protein fibers in the cocoon to be extracted and then spun to form silk is what resembles the evolution and relaunch of IShimmer Lashes. The stage of which the cocoon forms into silk inspired me for the re-launch and to join the movement towards an animal-friendly brand.

I also decided to include my journey and my morals in the strip lashes by including different stories. Each of the strip lashes unfolds a narrative that reflects various phases of my life.

For example, the Al Maha is named after the Arabian Oryx which is Jordan’s national animal – it is known for its elegance, striking eyes and is an important symbol in the Bedouin Culture representing beauty. No matter where in the world I am, this lash always reminds me of my true roots, heritage and family traditions. Wear this lash to remember who you truly are when you feel a little lost.

What is the feedback you first had after your customers experienced the new silk lashes?

Incredible! I am so happy that I made this change and developed a better emotional and personal bond to the brand. Every woman can relate to my last stories. Regarding the packaging itself, everyone is loving the whole feminine luxurious packaging that also feels incredible, the paper used in the packaging the colors the whole uplift.

What makes your lash curler special?

It’s a struggle to keep the curlash in stock! It not only curls your lashes but with the removable comb, it also brushes them at the same time. Customized to fit every eye shape, the curlash defines your eye shape based on how you curl your lashes. It’s easy to use for beginners too.

IShimmer, Eye Curler

Courtesy of IShimmer

What are the future plans for your brand?

I plan to grow and revolutionize the lash industry by stocking in multiple retail stores in the UK, Europe, Middle East, and the USA.  I also plan on stocking in multiple online platforms across the world, collaborate with different women and my favorite brands. It’s my dream to grow this brand and make it big. I also hope to keep creating products to empower all women. I will be sticking to everything eyes. Because after all IShimmer, redefines false eyelashes.

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