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The Scandinavian Beauty Brand Helping Women to “Relax and Love Themselves”


Image courtesy Tromborg

In a saturated beauty market, Scandinavian brand Tromborg–founded by Marianne Tromborg and biochemist husband Tim Schyberg–aims to revisit women’s relationship with themselves via their beauty and skin products. Having tested the skin and makeup products for several weeks, skin is moisturized, matte, while maintaining a glow and makeup application is finished in five minutes or less. Even the packaging helps make life simpler with see-through compact cases meaning you don’t have to open all your products to find the one you are searching for during your morning frenzied routine.

Marianne shares that her foray into makeup artistry began when she was in her early twenties, studying literature at the University of Copenhagen. As a hobby, she painted pictures in a studio, displaying them in cafes. One day, at the studio, there was a photo shoot where the makeup artist never showed up. The photographer commented that if she could paint on a canvas, surely she could paint on skin, too?

Tromborg the brand originated via her husband, biochemist Tim Schyberg. He had allergies and Tromborg suffered from psoriasis. When their first child was born 25 years ago, he prepared special creams to ensure the baby would be safe. It took ten more years before the first Tromborg products would launch–hand soaps, lip cure, herbal cleansing water, day and night cream, mineral foundations, body lotions, and more. “It’s about being sure as to what you put on your skin,” Tromborg states simply. All products are suitable for all skin types and for the whole family. In addition to being organic, Tromborg products contain active ingredients. “It’s for working women who may not have the time for a lot of beauty treatments,” she says. “We do not use any harmful preservatives. All of our jars are made locally as we are very considerate about the environment and are of course, recyclable.”


Tromborg founder Marianne Tromborg. Courtesy Tromborg

Can you explain what exactly is “mineral makeup?”
Our mineral foundation is a layer of perfect skin. It does not look cakey but will just highlight and enhance your own natural features. It is suitable for sensitive skin and has a natural SPF.

I think women are beautiful naturally and they don’t have to cover it up behind many layers of makeup. Women stand in front of mirrors and scrutinize their faces for a spot here or a spot there. But people don’t look at you with magnifying glasses. So you just need to relax and learn to love yourself. That’s really the philosophy.

Some of the products are under the term “Scandinavian mood.” I love how that sounds. What does it fundamentally mean to you?
Scandinavian Mood is your daily skincare routine and self-indulgence line where you will find everything from face care, sun care, and body care, to the easy makeup remover.

The theme is easy and natural well-being scented by a multitude of organic essential oils, which work aroma-therapeutic while caring for and de-stressing your skin and senses. The products do all the good they are meant to for your skin and are created to make skin care simple and straightforward for the whole family.

With this in mind, Beauty Of North is a manifestation of respect for the wild assets of nature. The meticulously chosen Wild Type® plants are some of the most vigorous and beautiful you can apply to your skin – for the perfect looks and well-being of the skin.

Can you share more information about the Tromborg “farm?”
We have our own factory located in Denmark. And we also have our own laboratory, research development and production facilities. Our in-house biochemist Tim Schyberg has used his many years of scientific experience from the pharmaceutical and biotech industry–including research and knowledge about skin care–to develop the perfect combination of innovative active ingredients necessary for a modern, natural, and effective product line.

It is important to have science behind beauty combined with the best ingredients to make creams, which work and are also easy to apply. All products are created in our own laboratory with our own research and production facility. We are involved in all processes and know exactly what goes into all products.

We are known for our work with aromatherapy and plant extracts. A lot of plants are known for their beneficial effects and we apply this to our product innovation. The plant-based ingredients are derived from the Northern hemisphere. Wild Type® plant life, as trees, shrubs, grasses, wild flowers, and herbs, are found in their natural habitats in woods, wetlands, and meadows. We always follow all our ingredients from field to jar and work exclusively with cold-pressed organic plant extracts, and of course no synthetic perfume.

I notice that the foundations are all powders, not liquids. Can you please explain the reason/benefits.
I think the result looks much more natural. Also, it is very easy to use even if you are not a pro makeup artist.

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