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Ingestible Beauty And How It Boosts Your Skin From Within

We’ve all taken a supplement or two, namely for health purposes. In recent years’ ingestible beauty has risen through the wellness ranks. From powders to pills, the formulas offer a magical solution to your usual routine injecting added vitamins and minerals for glowing skin and glossy hair. One brand which is rising through the ranks is Amphis Beauty. A luxury marine-based nutrition range is made from the finest sea plants from around the coast of Ireland. Arriving in the Middle East the founder of Amphis Beauty Roz Martin shares her story and the key to ingestible beauties success.

What is the story behind Amphis Beauty?

Several years ago I was attending one of the American Academy of Antiaging Medicine conference. I saw the choices available to women. In one auditorium, detailed presentations on invasive surgical procedures, neurotoxins injections, and facelifts. In the other, presentations on the role of natural compounds, nutrition, and healthy living as a technique for a healthy life extension and ways to combat skin aging and hair loss. It seemed clear to me that anti-aging didn’t have to mean traditional creams or external interventions or toxins. It should be about natural marine compounds that could get the body to perform better. Not stop the aging process, which of course cannot be done, but instead to decelerate the effects of aging.

How did you discover the active ingredients within the formula?

Working closely with several anti-aging compound pharmacists and scientists in The Conway Institute of Biomolecular & Biomedical Research Centre in Dublin, we undertook several hundred experiments. After two years of lab work later Amphis was born. We realized then that the marine compounds we were working with such as super sea kelp, green algae, and specific sea plants were actually the most nutritionally dense foods in the plant kingdom and could also be naturally harvested from the Irish coastline. Our research also showcased that they were an abundant source of vitamins, minerals & polysaccharides which are particularly known for their high bioavailability, the ease in which the body can absorb.

How did you come across ingestible beauty?

I worked for 11 years for pharmaceutical companies and worked in the area of human proteins. Specifically protein compounds for cancer and how they help the body make new cells without cancer in them. I’ve always had the background to what mechanisms the body’s cells needed. Personally, I’ve always taken natural compounds, so certain vitamins, amino acids, and minerals since my early 20’s to help with things like keeping my skin clear and plump, having strong and healthy hair and feeling good on the inside.  It’s not a new concept, the Chinese, for example, have been ingesting herbal preparations for health and beauty purposes much longer!

The Amphis Beauty range. Courtesy of Amphis Beauty

Why has ingestible beauty become so popular in the past few years?

Firstly, education. People have realized that what they put in their bodies has a direct effect on the health and function of their bodies. The consumer is far savvier now when it comes to nutrients and in particular nutricosmetics.  Years ago, you would find many people just taking a standard multi-vitamin supplement off the shelf from their local pharmacy, now consumers are in a way “self-prescribing” supplements for an area that they wish to improve examples being more lustrous hair, or more collagen in the skin or maybe increased muscle tone. They do the research, and whatever is important to them to improve, they will choose a supplement that performs a certain function or indication. Secondly, it’s seen to be the safer more natural and a healthier way of beautifying the outer appearance or improving a function of the body. It’s also less invasive while being easy to stop and start supplements.

How should people ingest the products?

We have three products in the Amphis range: Amphis Cosmetic Cleansing Green Algae Tea, Amphis Skin Nutrients capsules and Amphis Hair & Nail Nutrients liquid oral sachets. Our Amphis green algae herbal tea drink can be made with boiled water and can be drunk as a hot tea or cooled and be mixed with fruit and ice. Amphis Cosmetic Cleaning Tea helps to naturally cleanse the skin and body tissue and helps provide a clean base for the other Amphis products to work from. Think of it as a “cleanse” before you start the regimen. Amphis Skin Nutrients capsule supplement is a daily capsule supplement which contains potent properties of natural marine plant compounds and protein stimulators to delay premature aging in the skin cells. Finally, a world’s first and only, a patented liquid keratin boosting liquid, Amphis Hair & Nail Nutrients oral sachets, which can also be taken daily either on their own or added to a smoothie, boosts keratin-producing cells in the hair follicles and nail beds.

Can they take all three at the same time?

The Amphis Ritual is considered to be a daily stepwise and holistic approach to internal healthy and outer beauty. It can be taken all together or singly.

How long before results start to show?

For the Amphis Cosmetic Cleansing Tisane it takes effect immediately in the body. The Amphis Skin Nutrient Capsules efficacy usually takes 6- 12 weeks of continuous use for results and the Amphis Hair & Nail Nutrients sachets have been shown to work as early as 2 weeks.

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