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Improve Your Meditation and Mindfulness with these Apps

Meditation, Photo by Simon Rae on Unsplash

Photo by Simon Rae on Unsplash

The world might be a confusing and unpredictable place, but don’t worry there are apps for that. In all seriousness, when times get a little stressful mediation and mindfulness might just be the answer. Scientifically proven to increase focus, help you get better sleep and combat stress, which can even lead to weightloss, these are the apps to help you through.

Insight Timer

Over 6 million people around the world have downloaded Insight Timer. The app contains more than 25,000 guided meditations from around 3,000 teachers. There are also 2,000 free talks and podcasts offering advice and inspiring you to live a more fulfilled life.

10% Happier

If you’re feeling a bit skeptical about the whole mindfulness movement, then Ten Percent Happier app for you. News anchor Dan Harris is your guide. He pursued meditation after suffering from a panic attack live on air. It begins with a seven-day introduction where Harris unveils questions from how to know if you’re doing it right and how to calm your mind.


Suffering from anxiety and stress? Shine has been created to offer you advice and motivation throughout the day to help you combat it. From daily texts to audio clips and longer-term projects this app helps you to master the art of self-reflection.


Known as the number one app for meditation and sleep, Calm initially offers a seven-day calm course that helps you get into the practice. Once completed and you subscribe, there are a plethora of multi-day courses and hundreds of guided meditations to choose from.


Daily micro-meditations have been created to suit those with busy lifestyles at Aura. Lasting only three minutes there’s no excuse not to inject some mindfulness into your day. You can also keep a gratitude journal and track your mood on the app.


Calling itself a gym membership for the mind, Headspace helps to train you into dealing with stressors in your daily life. Have you ever felt like you have hit rock bottom? They’ve also created SOS meditations for this precise moment.

Simple Habit

Some of the world’s top mindfulness experts have come together to create Simple Habit. Offering up five-minute meditations you can choose from guided meditations to bedtime stories.

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