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Iman Shares the Best Beauty Secrets She’s Picked Up Over Her Career

She is continuously lauded for her flawless, velvet-like skin and ageless appearance—and now she’s opened up about her beauty routine. Legendary supermodel Iman Abdulmajid has revealed what products she credits for her luminous complexion, as well as the tips and tricks she’s picked up during her decades-long career.

The Somali-American catwalk star, who was born in Mogadishu and has lived both Saudi Arabia and Egypt, took to Instagram this week to answer questions about her beauty routine. Each query was put forward to the star by her fans, as part of the 63-year-old’s new Q&A series, #DearIman. The new initiative is “an opportunity for you to ask me any question”, Abdulmajid revealed when she announced it this week. The first #DearIman episode was “all about beauty”, with the star opening up about her most-used products.

Abdulmajid cited SK II’s Signature 3D Redefining Mask as her ultimate recommendation, paying tribute to the sheet mask’s moisturizing properties. Noting it is expensive, the model revealed she has used the product for the last eight years due to its ability to “drench, quench, and hydrate my skin beautifully to a very obvious and visible effect”. “Even if I’m under the flu, after I apply the 3D Redefining Mask, my skin looks like I just came back from a holiday in Ibiza.”

The industry icon, who was first discovered in Nairobi, also revealed her best beauty tip: “Apply foundation over your concealer so you don’t have those ‘raccoon under-eyes’.” When it comes to picking the perfect foundation, Abdulmajid also had several recommendations, advising readers to test three shades when trying to find their perfect hue. “Pick one that looks about right, one lighter, and one darker… and swipe all three on your jawline. The shade that disappears is the one!”

The star also attributed bronzer as her most-used makeup product, lauding its power to transform a look. “If you see photos of Jennifer Lopez from the start of her career, she had a different look – still beautiful, to be sure, but with a more milky, porcelain complexion,” Abdulmajid said. “But when she fully embraced the bronzer? She instantly became J-Lo!” Iman has not yet announced the topic of her next Q&A episode, but we’ll be waiting by her Instagram eagerly, ready to send our questions in…

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