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Hair Style File: Imaan Hammam

There’s a common misconception that a head of wild-and-free curls isn’t as versatile as its straighter counterpart, but let Imaan Hammam‘s signature coils tell you otherwise. Whether the model is arriving to the Met Gala red carpet arm-in-arm with Zac Posen or globe-trotting to far-flung locales for vacation, she never fails to display an unparalleled line-up of head-turning coiffures in the form of sleek and ironed lengths, long, hip-grazing braids, and scraped-back topknots that continue to serve up a serious dose of hair envy. Indeed, the Vogue Arabia cover girl’s festoon of thick corkscrew curls — a reflection of her Moroccan and Egyptian roots — is a pin-up for the diverse slew of women rocking their natural texture with unprecedented flair. In the gallery above, we look at all of the times Hammam gave us #hairgoals.

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