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Huda Beauty Launches a New Mascara


Courtesy of Huda Beauty

If there’s one thing that always strikes us about Huda Kattan it’s her eyes. She may have started her career creating faux eyelashes, but her current launch means you won’t always be having to reach for them if you’re looking to create a statement look. Not to let any product out on the market, Kattan and her team spent have spent more than four years perfecting everything from the formula to the wands. Yes, we said wands as Legit Lashes, as it’s called, arrives with a unique two-sided brush.

Huda Beauty

Courtesy of Huda Beauty

Of her latest launch, Kattan says, “When it comes to beauty, I usually say bigger is better, but when I’ve only got five minutes to fake a full set of fluttery eyelashes, Legit Lashes is my go-to. One flick of the wrist and this two-ended mascara creates dramatic, sexy lashes quicker than you can say, ‘Are those real?” Her focus for her debut mascara was on the three pillars of the perfect eyelashes – curl, length and volume.

Huda Beauty

Before & After. Courtesy of Huda Beauty

The two wands ensure that you achieve all three by offering different results. The first looks to volume and definition with the brush featuring intertwined petal bristles. This means that the heavily pigmented formula is loaded evenly on the lashes, with each layer adding more and more volume. The length and curl wand work with a curved brush that grips onto each hair and with nine rows of bristles it ensures again that each lash is coated for the ultimate length and maximum curvature in seconds.

Huda’s How To

. Start by curling your lashes with a lash curler for at least 10 seconds. This is Huda’s cardinal rule for fluttery, sexy lashes as it helps to lift and visually add length to your lashes.

. Choose the end of the wand that you would like to use for your desired look. Start at the root of the lashes and zig-zag the mascara wand back and forth, building up the mascara at the base before you move toward the tip of the lashes. This movement from root-to-tip will help to coat each and every lash and distribute more formula at the base, which helps avoid any clumps or lumps at the end of your lashes, where they should look more wispy.

. Once you’ve coated your lashes, for a thickening effect and added volume, look down and coat your lashes once more. If you want to add a curl, roll the brush as you move it through your lashes.

. When you try this technique for the first time, it could be a little messy so have some micellar water and a Q-tip on hand.

Legit Lashes

Huda Beauty Legit Lashes AED/SAR99 launches on ShopHudaBeauty, with retailers in-store and online on May 20

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