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Huda Beauty Launches Her First Ever Brow Product

Courtesy of Huda Beauty

If there’s one thing that strikes us about Huda Kattan, it’s her signature bold eyebrows. Over the years, Kattan has given us the best products in the beauty business, from her faux lashes to her luminous matte foundation, to even gracing us with a skincare line. Next for the beauty mogul, the launch of her first-ever brow product.

In a social media reveal, the beauty mogul says her focus for her first-ever brow product was to recreate the results of microblading, by using only the 0.9mm pencil on the brows.

Courtesy of Huda Beauty

The BombBrows Microshade Brow Pencil has a thin tip to create natural hair-like strokes, and is equipped with a brow pencil on one side and a spooly brush on the other side to brush and even out your eyebrows. It’s waterproof, smudge-proof, and super long-wearing, and is available in eight shades. The brow product also uses  ingredients like coconut oil, castor oil, and vitamin E to ensure a smooth, creamy, and pigmented application. Kattan exclusively told Vogue Arabia, “It was important for us to offer enough shades to make the product inclusive but not so much that it would get confusing because I found often times that some of the shades were too similar and that many people could use multiple shades, making it a bit difficult to choose a shade. As a result, we created a very simplistic shade range that was also extremely inclusive.’’

Some of Huda’s hacks to use the brow pencil would be to concentrate on micro-shading in the sparse areas and only to use a light amount of pressure due to the ultra-fine tip and level of pigmentation to create a full-browed look. Huda also says to apply the pencil straight rather than at an angle for a realistic and more refined finish. The beauty mogul exclusively told Vogue Arabia about how she picks her shade “When it comes to picking the shade, you want to pick the right shade depending on how you like to do your brow pencil. If you like to do a thick brow or a classic Instagram brow, you can go with a little bit of a lighter shade than your hair color. Since my hair is black, when I do a thick or block brow, I would go for shade four or five since once you fill it in quite a bit, the intensity of color will look richer in tone.”

Huda Beauty BombBrows Microshade Brow Pencil launches on February 23 on Huda Beauty and at retailers online and in-store.

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