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How You Can Try The Brazilian Body-Shaping Lymphatic Drainage That Celebrities Swear By

It’s the massage technique that promises a bevy of body-boosting results, from improved circulation and extra energy, to sculpting and smoothing out abs, legs, and arms. Models including Kendall Jenner, Miranda Kerr, and Elle MacPherson have all praised lymphatic drainage as one of their secrets to getting runway-ready, while Selena Gomez credits the body therapy for managing her lupus symptoms. One of the most-talked about therapists for the niche technique is master lymphatic drainage expert Flavia Morellato. Known as the massage queen, the Brazilian therapist works on the bodies of A-listers to help sculpt, tone, and smooth from top-to-toe. With her client list including models Sara Sampaio and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, singers Ellie Goulding and Anne-Marie, she’s now bringing her signature body detoxing treatment to the Middle East, with limited appointments at the luxury Biolite Aesthetic Clinic in Dubai until January 31.

Responsible for managing the body’s fluid levels, the lymphatic system doesn’t have a pressurized drainage outlet, like the heart-pumped cardiovascular system. This means fluid can build up and become stagnant when traveling between nodes if not stimulated. Developed from Dr. Emil Vodder’s original lymphatic drainage massage therapy, Morellato’s honed technique gently shifts this water retention, with the repetitive movements used across the full body to release excess fluid and reduce puffiness. Her technique is more relaxing than expected, with smooth strokes expertly targeting the body’s fluid built-up points for an immediate detox. Following the 60-minute massage, this fluid passes via the kidneys to be naturally releases from the body. The result is firmer skin, with uncomfortable puffiness visibly reduced. The body feels lighter and more energized, appearing leaner thanks to the technique’s slimming effects, with Morellato encouraging clients to compare a pre-treatment and post-treatment leg to see the different in real time. One of the biggest benefits of lymphatic drainage massage is that can be used as a weight loss aid to compliment a healthy lifestyle, with the measured pressure breaking down fat deposits to reduce cellulite. “Your metabolism can be affected by a blocked or struggling lymphatic system too, so drainage can really make a difference in how your body functions overall,” she explains.

Morellato’s sessions are in high demand at her London clinic, with the therapist also recommending her signature treatment for poor blood circulation, helping with sluggish digestion, relieving symptoms of hormonal imbalance, strengthening the immune system, and reviving the body post-travel. Unlike other forms of massage, more pressure isn’t always better, and lymphatic drainage massage shouldn’t be painful. In fact, points out Morellato, “if you are feeling pain or experience bruising, the drainage has not been performed correctly and damage may have been cause to the tissue.” Morellato was first convinced by the powers of lymphatic drainage massage after experiencing it herself. “I naturally lost weight by following a regular schedule of lymphatic drainage, and wanted to learn how to share it with others,” she explains. She soon developed an enthusiastic following, with a three-month waiting list for personal appointments at her flagship London clinic for those wanting to experience her signature treatment.

Those wanting to try lymphatic drainage massage in Dubai for themselves have the opportunity to book with Morellato herself, with the massage queen being hosted by Biolite Aesthetic Clinic for exclusive appointments . Fans of the technique will be able to follow up their appointments, with Morellato now training a hand-picked therapist to carry on her work with Biolite Aesthetic Clinic clients, in between the Brazilian’s visits to the region.


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