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How To Style Short Hair: Tips, Tricks And Styling Techniques To Know

Why wait for a life-changing breakup to transform your hair? Indeed, this sentiment is finding an audience in celebrities and everyday hair savants alike as summer-ready short hairdos become commonplace. We aren’t just talking about a drastic boycut either—take your pick from short bob hairstyles to longer, lived-in lobs. Want the quick lowdown on how to style short hair? From the effortless short hairstyles for busy professionals to maintenance tips and must-have styling products, find it all here: 


Celeb-inspired short hairstyles to try

  • As with all hair makeovers, it helps to be armed with some celeb inspiration—whether you’d like to show your hairstylist what you have in mind or you are looking for some helpful goalposts to guide you on your journey to finding the short hairstyle of your dreams. 
  • Inspiration is never in short supply on the shores of showbiz with a wide array of celebrities, insiders and It-girl’s going in for the chop. 
  • After initially cutting her locks to a shoulder-length style, Hailey Bieber decided to commit fully to the look with a shorter, chin-grazing haircut. 
  • Elsewhere, Cara Delevingne’s hair evolution continues to offer endless inspiration—in its current iteration, her tresses have been doused in a honeyed hue and styled to her shoulders. 
  • And while Kourtney Kardashian isn’t prone to the dramatic transformations that the rest of the K-clan is known for, her sleek bob has been styled in every possible iteration. Flipped-out ends, textured waves, wet-look lobs: check, check and check. 
  • Closer to home, Emirati singer Balqees Fathi has proven that short hair is extremely versatile, styling her short locks in a myriad ways.
  • Lebanese entrepreneur Karen Wazen recently went short too, and seems to be loving the severe, super straight bob.
  • If you prefer romantic curls, look no further than Tunisian beauty Dorra Zarrouk, who likes her short mane styled in dreamy waves.






Choosing the right cut

  • While the world of celebrities is rife with inspiration for trendy short haircuts, finding the right style for you means taking into consideration your face shape, hair texture, color choices and what  level of maintenance your lifestyle can sustain. 
  • If you have a heart-shaped face, a layered haircut with a deep side-part will frame the cheekbones and draw attention away from the width of the forehead. 
  • For those with an oval face, an angular bob will help accentuate the strong contours of the jawline. 
  • Or perhaps your face shape is more round? A pixie haircut is the easiest way to add volume towards the forehead and elongate the dimensions of the face.

Daily maintenance

  • Among the top tips for managing short hair in different climates, you will always find anti-frizz shampoos, leave-in conditioners and wide-toothed combs for keeping tangles and flyaways at bay during humid weather. 

The shield anti-humidity spray, Amika

  • As the calendar leans towards the dry months, preventing damage and split-ends should assume top priority. Deep conditioning treatments, hydrating hair masks and moisturizing hair oils will count among your short hair grooming essentials. 
  • At the crux of every short haircare routine is regular trims every six weeks to show split-ends the door as well as maintain the length of specific hairstyles, such as angular lobs. 



Hydrating styling cream, Moroccanoil

Accessorizing Short Hair

  • Short hair, don’t care makes for the most compelling reason to go in for the chop but if you are ever looking to infuse fresh energy into your style, take your pick from a bevy of accessories for short hairstyles.
  • For a quick refresh, pull a small section of your hair back from the front and secure it with metallic hair clips of your choice. 
  • Crystal-studded barrettes, miniature claw clips and hair jewels can all elevate a basic hairstyle in no time. 

Triangle logo hair clip in brass, Prada

  • And just because you have shorn your locks short, don’t stash those headbands away quite just yet. A bejeweled iteration can make a fresh blowout look party-ready in two ticks.

Logo headband in rhinestones, Miu Miu

Color Choices for Short Hair

  • If you have been wondering how to add color to short hair, take heart in the knowledge that you have access to the same roster of on-trend hairstyles as your long-haired counterparts. 
  • For a choppy bob, request your hairstylist to experiment with balayage in a hue that suits your skin tone for adding additional dimension to the look. 
  • The rebellious nature of pixie cuts lends itself well to non-boring hair colors: edgy violet or Cruella-style half-and-half color, anyone?
  • If nothing else excites, opt for strategically placed highlights and sweeping bangs that will fetch compliments wherever you go. 

How to style short hair for beginners

Now that you have brushed up on short hair makeover ideas, it is time to look for innovative ways to make this haircut work for you. Ahead, a comprehensive guide on how to style short hair everyday as well as our pick of the best products for short hair styling:

How to style short hair with layers

  • If you are tired of seeing sleek bobs everywhere you turn, opt for a texturizing spray to create a messy, lived-in texture. 
  • Touch a curling wand just to the ends of your hair to add flipped-out curls and waves that will add dimension to your layers. 

Airwrap multi styler special edition in blue blush, Dyson

How to style short hair with gel

  • For those looking to add extra shine to the hair, a touch of styling cream or gel can go a long way.
  • Instead of slicking it all over, simply apply a coin-sized amount from the mid-lengths to the ends and comb your hair into a side part for the perfect finish. 

Propolis infused polishing primer, Gisou

How to style short hair with bangs

  • Bangs might have an ill-earned reputation for being high maintenance, but a quick hand with the hairdryer and a round brush will have you ready for whatever the day brings.
  • For those wondering how to style short hair and curtain bangs, the answer lies in parting down the middle—in the form of an inverted ‘V’ shape—so that it can frame your finest features effortlessly. 

Full pint medium round ceramic brush, Drybar

How to style short hair that is growing out

  • While your daring new haircut may have earned compliments when it was fresh out of the salon, the good news is that it can look just as put-together at every stage of the growing-out process. 
  • Face-framing layers can ease the path as you transition to a longer hairstyle without reducing length. Remember to keep a leave-in serum at hand to keep flyaways at bay.

Chroma absolu anti-frizz thermic leave-in serum, Kerastase

How to style short hair for wedding

  • For a wedding portrait that is unlike any other, there is no dearth of bridal short hair inspiration. 
  • Your options range from a side-part punctuated with fresh florals to creatively pinned pearls and bohemian flower crowns. Remember to top off your hairdo with a touch of hair mist to make heads turn your way all day. 

Miss Dior hair mist, Dior

How to style short hair without hair dryer

  • No hairdryer? No problem. The short answer on how to style short hair without products is to opt for creative hairstyles that work for the texture and length of your hair.
  • Simply tease your locks into a crown braid that works well for every hair length—don’t fuss about flyaways as a messy texture will add to the charm of the look.

For finding the short hairstyle of your dreams, the only rules are that are there are no rules. Keep experimenting and trying new variations until you find the style that complements your face the most.

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