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Expert Tips on Wearing Hijab Fashion Trends


Photo: feeeeya/Instagram

The hijab (or headscarf) is a fabric that comes in a myriad of different styles and colors and is draped overtop hair. French-Algerian abaya designer, Faiza Bouguessa, opts for a simple, unfussy hairstyle underneath her veil. “My hair is really short now,” she says speaking to Vogue Arabia, “but when I used to have long hair, I pulled it off of my face and secured it into a low bun or a ponytail at the nape of my neck.”

Styling long hair underneath a veil can pose a challenge, whether the hijab stays on or off. Bouguessa lists braids as a practical go-to for looking modest while simultaneously preventing any incurring thinning or breakage. Intricately twisted plaits hold strands in place throughout the entire day and will look eye-catching when the scarf does come off (in the powder room, or at an all-ladies event).

Speaking to Vogue, Saufeeya Goodson—an on-trend street style star (2.5mil followers on Instagram)—offers another trick to keep your hairstyle from unraveling throughout the day. “I like to twist it into a loose knot and use as an underscarf (a thick headband worn underneath the veil), explains the stylish 22-year-old. “Under-scarves are great for keeping my hair in place and prevent my scarf from shifting,” she says.

The hijab can also be worn as a turban, which serves as a chic way to keep your strands tucked out of sight. Here, Goodson shares how to flawlessly tie a turban.

You will need:

A rectangular-shaped scarf of your choice. Preferably made out of chiffon or modal, as they are light and breathable.
An under-scarf to use as the base of the turban.
Some patience.


1. Tie your hair into a loose ponytail or knot at the nape of your neck.
2. Put on an under-scarf.
3. Place the scarf in the center of your head, so that the two ends are equal in length.
4. Line the scarf at the base of your head and around the hairline.
5. Tie a knot in the back using the two ends.
6. Take one end of the scarf and wrap it around your head then tuck it in.
7. Repeat step 6 with the other end, and voilà.

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