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8 Ways To Style the Boy Bob, Summer’s Coolest Haircut



Fancy a fresh chop? Let us introduce you to the boy bob. Let’s face it, we all know by now that the bob haircut is pretty much The Shag  of our generation. It’s iconic. It’s delicious. And it’s everywhere. Honestly, we’ve seen every rendition going, from the A-line bob, to the Frenchie bob, the collarbone bob, the ’90s crop bob, the tucked bob, the pixie bob, the box bob… You name it, it’s been done.

Surely, there’s no-where else to go? Except, we spoke to our favorite pro hairstylists and they let us in on a not-so-secret secret – when it comes to bobs, the options are endless and there’s still tons of fun to be had. That’s where the boy bob comes in, according to LA’s coolest hairstylist, Sal Salcedo.

“Blunt boy bobs are all the rage,” Sal tells. As bobs go, this one’s a loose cut that allows for lots of interpretation. Rules are, there are almost no rules. The main feature is that it’s not too ‘done’. It means we can drop our straighteners and make like the lads with a wash-and-go situation on the days we can’t be faffed with serious styling. “It’s a fuller take on the bob where the natural texture can roam free,” Sal explains. “Anything from chin to collarbone length is game here.”

Leading London hairstylist and CEO of Hershesons, Luke Hersheson, has flagged it as the style to have on your radar, too. “What’s important is the texture of the bob; it needs to feel a bit undone, nothing too rigid.” He recommends air-drying when styling “so it’s got a bit of movement in it.”

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