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How To Put Together A Travel Beauty Kit

Summer and traveling always go hand in hand—we’re all looking for a getaway as soon as the temperatures start to rise. While the idea of packing away for a week or two sounds fun in theory, the actual act of ‘packing’ isn’t as much. Putting together the right edit of clothing, accessories, makeup, skincare and miscellaneous travel essentials (see: battery pack) can be hard work. The fact that your check-in luggage comes with a weight limit doesn’t help either. Have a look at our guide to packing just enough makeup and skincare without taking up half of your weight allowance.

When it comes to skincare, first, think about the essentials
If you’ve been meaning to try that at-home face peel you bought months ago for a while now, a holiday really isn’t the right time. When going away on vacation to another city or country with different weather conditions, it’s important for you to be using the skincare products that your skin is familiar with. If your favorites come in travel sizes, the best thing would be to invest in those and carry them with you. If not, then make sure you’re carrying the absolute minimum that makes up your morning and night-time routine.

No, you can’t eliminate SPF from your travel beauty kit
If you’re not someone who’s used to wearing sunscreen, you might consider leaving it out of your holiday bag. Well, don’t. Even if your makeup comes with SPF, you need to be wearing a layer of sunscreen underneath—whether you’re headed to a beach or for a ski getaway. Again, look for a travel-sized one to cut back on the space it’ll take up. If not, carry the full size, no excuses.

Pack jars over tubes and pumps
As a thumb rule, there’s a good chance that a tube will burst open or a pump dispenser will spill product everywhere due to cabin pressure. Jars, on the other hand, might be easier to carry because they tend to stay shut when sealed tightly. If your essential only comes in a tube or pump, carry it, by all means, just make sure you pack it in a separate pouch that can be easily cleaned, in case you need to do damage control.

Make sure you’ve got your SOS skincare with you
New weather conditions can often wreck your skin in ways you weren’t prepared for—rashes, redness, breakouts et al. Pack a spot treatment for unexpected bumps, some rose water to soothe your skin in case you experience a burn and a salve for sudden dry patches. A hydrating sheet mask doesn’t hurt either.

When it comes to makeup, remember, less genuinely is more
Just like skincare, there’s a good chance you won’t use that rainbow glitter palette on your vacation—unless you’re headed to a music festival—if you only touch it once every couple of months at home. Stick to what you use on a regular basis and keep the newbies and the barely-used for when you get back

Go light with your base makeup
Making the most of your holiday means you probably won’t be sleeping in every morning. But what does that mean for your makeup routine? Being away from your accommodation for the entire day means that the makeup you do in the morning is what you hope will stay through the day and night. And when there’s so much to see and do, who even has the time to put on a full face? Ditch your foundation and carry a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream to use as your everyday base. If you do have formal events lined up, carry a small size of your preferred foundation or empty a small amount of it in a travel jar to save space.

Pack the multi-tasking makeup
This is where your all-encompassing palettes come in to play. Have a makeup palette that brings together a selection of nude eyeshadows and blush hues? Pack it in. Also, a lot of blushes and bronzers can double as eyeshadows, and water-based tints can be worn on your eyes, cheeks and lips. Make sure you’re not packing any more than you need. Have an eyeshadow palette that comes with matte and shimmer nudes in one? You’ve found your winner.

Keep your lipsticks to the minimum
With lipsticks, the best way to make your picks is to carry one from every color family. Select a pink, nude, coral, red and plum and that’s pretty much all you need to take you through your entire trip. You can add another one or two to the mix if they’re your go-to variations of the hues but stop at that.

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