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How to Properly Disinfect After Leaving the House


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If there’s one thing we should learn from this pandemic it’s the importance of proper sanitation. Keeping your indoor spaces clean and safe not only strengthens our immune system but makes it more resistant to pathogens outside. By implementing a new and more thorough routine, we are also learning and becoming more aware that a lot of household chemicals are not eco-friendly or natural and may require us to use protection whilst using them, as they can be harmful. This is not ideal for anyone especially those with children or pets.

Setting new standards is SterilOx. Manufactured in Ras Al Khaimah by a collaboration of a Russian Research and Development Institute and an international team of businessmen and engineers it offers a safe and effective way to replace most chemicals in your home. It is also safe for contact on the skin and eyes whilst being lethal for bacteria and viruses. Multipurpose, it can also be used on chopping boards in the kitchen to children’s play areas. It removes biofilm on the walls of swimming pools and mould in the bathroom which given the UAE’s climate is very important. Safe to use on wooden furniture and leather, SterilOx can be used on all of your personal items including your car keys and mobile phone where most contamination is usually found.

Top Tips For Disinfecting 

. Keep your SterilOx close to hand wherever you go. Aside from a 5-liter jerrycan, the brand has a 500ml bottle that can be kept in your handbag, car, or office. You can spritz as you need to throughout the day ensuring you are suitably sanitized.

. Sanitize the shopping bags that are brought inside your home, spritzing them before they make their way onto your kitchen worktops.

. It is vital to disinfect inside your car by spraying everywhere from the steering wheel to handles and switches and A/C ducts.

. Don’t forget your pets! As they go in and out and around your home, it is important to SterilOx them too! 100% safe for animals, SterilOx can be sprayed directly on pets the same way it can be sprayed on humans. Don’t forget their toys, toilet, and food areas too – the spray also has deodorizing qualities and can eliminate any unpleasant odors too.

. If you are a fitness fan, it is imperative to keep all of your gym and sports equipment sterile and clean. From your sports bag to yoga mats, treadmills and other machines, anything that you come into contact with during your fitness regime, needs to be sterilized. Once gyms re-open, carry your spray with you and not only will it kill all germs, it will eliminate any odors and help keep your sports gear clean and fresh.

. Always use a sanitizer that is safe and read the labels for a neutral pH (6, 5-7, 5). Acidic disinfectants can cause corrosion and are not safe for skin and eye contact. Keep yourself and your belongings well protected and look for colorless, odorless, and stainless disinfectant.

SterilOx is currently available from,, and SterilOx is AED 250 for 5 liters or AED 35 for a 0.5-liter spray bottle coming soon. For more information please visit 

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