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These Are the Only Tips You Need to Be Your Most Authentic, Successful Self Yet

Despite having good intentions, many people live their lives wishing they were doing something different or being somebody else. And while actives such as goal setting, creating vision boards and setting New Years Resolutions can help, many find it a challenge to find the confidence to take bold action and turn these wishes into reality.

Photographed by Hans Feurer for Vogue Arabia March 2017.

Use the following steps to help you propel yourself forward in your life and to start living the person you aspire to be:

Take on a fun challenge that pushes you outside of your comfort zone
The benefits of taking on a fun challenge that pushes outside of your comfort zone (Visualise; running a marathon, entering an obstacle race, or joining that spin class ) is a well-known way to increase self-esteem and confidence. When you increase your self-esteem in one area of your life you instantaneously start to think about what else are you capable of in other areas of your life too. When you become more confident those bold steps that seem impossible to take become less intimidating and can actually become the motivator for making a positive change in your life.

Consider the cost of staying the same
By evaluating the costs and benefits of your current behaviors against those of the desired behavior change, you can reflect on what’s most important to you. Start by writing down the benefits of taking the bold step and then the benefits of staying the same (not taking the bold step). Then continue by writing a list of the costs of taking the bold step and the cost of staying the same. Take some time to reflect on the possibilities you have identified and consider the following question;

If you continue to stay the way you are and do nothing to make a change, what will your life be like in a year? Five years?

Design your environment to succeed
It is easier to take bold steps and to start embodying the qualities of who you aspire to be when you are in a new environment as you are not fighting against old habit cues. Evaluate your surroundings and gradually start to take small steps to change what you surround yourself with. Consider; the places you go to on a regular basis, the people you talk about your goals with, the things you buy that make you feel good. Small changes taken in the direction of a bold step can lead to large changes in behavior over time.

Remember, taking a bold step can be challenging, but this is your life! Remain committed to the process of creating the life you want and be open to exploring what you are truly capable of in healthy, honest ways. Once you take that first step it will be hard to stop!

Health and personal empowerment coach Heidi Jones has been empowering her clients with tools for achieving optimal wellbeing and improved lifestyle habits for the past five years. Her coaching methods focus on implementing preventative strategies, developing a growth mindset and action based self-awareness techniques. Visit @heidi_jones_coaching

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