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How to Find a Qualified Semi Permanent Makeup Artist in the UAE


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Semi-permanent makeup is on the rise. There’s more to the treatment than just waking up every morning with flawless brows, eyes, or lips. The first step is selecting a technician who is qualified, with a consistent track record of happy clients, extensive experience in the industry, along with an eye for symmetry and perfection. This isn’t as easy as it sounds.  As with every growing beauty trend, along with the increase in technicians, how do you know who’s best to choose when it comes to your face?

One of the Middle East’s specialists Patsy Kerr shares her tips. “Ensure that your technician has completed their formal training with a respectable institute and is in possession of a current license,” Kerr begins. This will ensure the individual has a competent grasp of the basics including procedures, application and techniques, and will filter out the increasing number of amateurs who offer discounted, semi-permanent services from their homes, which is not only illegal but potentially unsanitary, particularly in light of the ongoing pandemic. “Professional technicians operate from clinics to ensure they meet the regulatory guidelines and adhere to DHA standards. I have seen an alarming increase in botched work over the last few months, with over 50% of clients coming in for corrective treatments,” explains Kerr.

So where to begin?

Patsy Kerr’s Tips:

. Research! Don’t rush. Techniques- which is right for you?

. Always ask to see healed work – and be sure it’s their work. Some artists are known to feature work that isn’t theirs.

. Ask to see qualifications if they aren’t already visible

. Follow your gut feeling – If something doesn’t feel right or you’re unsure, speak up

. Go for several consultations – ask lots of questions

. Do not go ahead with the treatment if you aren’t 100% sure

. Don’t feel pressured

. Do not do home visits. They are illegal, and not sanitized to DHA standards

. If the price is cheap, there’s probably a good reason – cheap pigments, needles, equipment.

While finding this level of technician can come at a premium, it’s always important to remember that you are paying for the experience and professionalism of someone who can give you the look you want the first time, which also means only having to book as few as two appointments; one for the consultation and procedure and one for the follow-up. “Getting it wrong can mean putting up with an undesirable outcome and having to get it corrected which inevitably involves more time, money, and unnecessary discomfort,” says Kerr. The bottom line? Shop around, go with a pro, and don’t cut corners.

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