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10 Easy Ways To Curb Hay Fever Symptoms

The pollen count is on the rise and our eyes are swelling accordingly – so naturally, we turn to Google. Searches for “how to cure hay fever” are currently up more than 5000 per cent, suggesting that the allergy – which affects nearly a quarter of us every year – is having its wicked way with us.


Vogue Arabia, May 2022. Photo: Suzana Holtgrave

Pollen affects people in different ways, but the allergic reaction it triggers can bring on a raft of unpleasant symptoms, from itchy, red eyes and a scratchy throat to persistent sneezing, headaches and fatigue.

Staying inside doesn’t mean you’re safe from it, either. “Pollen particles are tiny and can travel far and wide,” says Parvinder Sagoo, lead pharmacist and clinical advisor at Simply Meds, which offers an array of medications to tackle hay fever. “If you’re opening your windows and doors more often to let air in, they will find their way inside your home and attach themselves to various household items, as well as travelling directly into your eyes or nasal passages.”

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