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3 Ways to Clean Your Makeup Brushes (Admit it’s on Your To-Do List)

makeup brushes

Farnoush photographed by Ziga Mihelcic for the June issue of Vogue Arabia

Granted that cleaning your makeup brushes is far from the most exciting item on your beauty list. OK, it irrevocably falls into the ‘boring’ category of chores. Buying a new-season lipstick is way more Instagrammable than dipping your brushes in hot, soapy water (a task with a glamour ranking of zero). However, makeup build-up on brushes gathers bacteria that causes breakouts and clogged pores. As time goes by your blending and bronzing brushes have all sorts of things nestled in-between the bristles that we’d rather not list. Alas, it’s time to do something about it.

While some beauty geeks will stick to the recommended weekly brush cleaning process, some mere mortals put it off and then wonder why their skincare regime isn’t tip-top. Make it your New Year’s resolution to review all of your pamper products on your dressing table and clean each makeup tool in your arsenal. Here lists three techniques to get the job done effectively.

#1: The Cleaning Solution

Go-To Product: Mac Brush Cleaner, AED/SAR 59.

How to Use: Coat the brushes in the solution and then wipe the brush on clean towel until it leaves no traces of makeup.

Benefits: Conditions, cleans, disinfects, fragrances, and pro-longs the life of your brushes.

Beauty Desk Notes: The minimalistic bottle of millennial pink hue makes this a product that you don’t necessarily have to stash in your boudoir cupboard – it will look cool amongst your Aesop and Malin+Goetz goodies.


makeup brush

Clarins Foundation Brush, Clinique Buff Brush, and Laura Mercier Smudge Brush. Sephora Polish Up Cleansing Pad, Mii’s Cleanse and Condition Brush Balm, and Mac Brush Cleanser.

#2: The Texture Pad

Go-To Product: Sephora Collection Polish Up Cleansing Pad, AED/SAR 51

How to Use: Apply clean warm water and a cleanser to your brushes. Fit the pad onto your hand (2-3 fingers can fit into the allocated section) and move the bristles through the sillicone sections. There are two different textures to use for face and eye makeup brushes. Repeat until brushes leave no traces of makeup. Clean the pad afterwards.

Benefits: Thoroughly cleans all bristles on small and large brushes. Easy to use. Satisfying to do too!

Beauty Desk Notes: Yes, you’ll have to clean the pad too but this technique ensures you get a thorough clean on all of your brushes, no matter what shape or size they are.

#3: The Balm

Go-To Product: Mii’s Cleanse and Condition Balm, AED/SAR 59

How to Use: Swirl your brushes directly into the balm in circular motions and watch the brush get cleaner, and cleaner as makeup gets lifted away. Wipe the brush afterwards with a clean towel until it leaves no traces of product. Voila!

Benefits: Typically speaking these balms are comprised of natural oils. In Mii’s case, shea butter and coconut oil and solidified into a balm. The formula leaves your brushes clean, conditioned, and super smooth.

Beauty Desk Notes: This product is a half-way point between a gentle shampoo and a classic bar of soap, but for your brushes.

To complete your beauty renaissance, consult the beauty desk’s curation of water-resistant foundations that are perfect for the Middle Eastern climate:


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