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Hijab Hair Care 101: How to Prevent Flat Hair Under Your Hijab


Photo: dinalsharif/Instagram

Most women who wear the headscarf can relate to their meticulously-crafted blow dry flatten once they remove their veil. Hairdresser El Bachir Mil shares his practical tips on keeping your bouncy, larger-than-life curls after removing your cover. “Curls have plenty of texture, and instantly provide volume to lifeless hair,” he says. “I always use a good mousse and hairspray, for extra hold and oomph,” he explains, listing the Oribe Hair Plumping Mousse and Superfine Strong Hairspray as his favorites.


Photo: Rabia Zargarpur

Modest Emirati fashion designer Rabia Zargarpur, who has been wearing the headscarf for fifteen years, shares her hijab hair care tricks to keeping her mane full of life. “To prevent my hair from looking flat after I remove the hijab, I work dry shampoo into the roots to instantly breathe life back into my strands,” she reveals, listing the Dove Dry Shampoo as a must-have. “Sea salt sprays and texturizing products also prolong the lifespan of my hairstyle.” These products come in several compact sizes, meaning that they will fit snugly inside your handbag for the moments you need an instant pick-me-up.

As for her every day styling techniques, Zargarpur gives her tried-and-trusted step-by-step guide; “I spritz a misting of sea salt spray on towel-dried hair then twist it into a knot or ponytail,” she says. The sea salt spray provides hold as well as texture: “It’s simple to do and looks fresh once I remove my scarf,” explains Zargarpur. Although the hijab serves to cover the hair, it doesn’t mean that the women wearing it neglect their strands. Zargarpur tells Vogue Arabia that she gets her hair routinely trimmed and colored, and opts for a hot oil treatment at least once a week.

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