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Here’s How to Copy Yasmin Raeis’s Unique Cat Eye Makeup

Yasmin Raeis recently posted an Instagram photo of a daring beauty look that we simply couldn’t ignore. The Egyptian actress posted a close up shot in which she sported a unique take on cat eye makeup and nude lips. Shariff Tanyous, the makeup artist behind the look breaks it down for us.

The first thing you need to know: that’s not actually eyeliner. Yes, you read that right. The eye make-up was actually created using Fenty Beauty‘s Lip Paint in the shade Uncencensored. Tanyous maneuvered his way around the eye by utilizing tape as well as a very thin pencil brush to ensure precision. “She opened her eyes, and then I did the outline. Then, she closed her eyes and it allowed me to take advantage of her very beautiful eye shape to create the perfect look,” he says.

As for his inspiration, the artist stated his desire for a graphic yet matte look, as most looks graphic looks consist of glitter while non-graphic ones usually showcase the popular smokey eye. He cites Dior‘s runway looks on Bella Hadid as the main source of inspiration. He loves to work with color and states that Raeis was just as out-of-the-box as he was, proving to be an amazing pairing. “People should start to play around more with make-up. It could turn out a million times better when you try something different, rather than being scared of it.”

When asked for some additional makeup tips, Tanyous said, “A lot of the Arab population has olive-toned skin. So in our makeup, we need to play around more with warm tones like reds and so on, which is what I did with Yasmin. It complements the skin beautifully as opposed to the regular black that we use which actually makes us paler.”

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