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Here’s How to Do Your Own Henna This Eid, as Taught by Azra Khamissa

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The practice of Henna is deeply ingrained within traditional Arabian beauty and most notably associated with celebrations, such as weddings and the bi-annual Islamic holidays.  The body art, made using plant-based dye, has long been synonymous with deep brown-colored spirals, curlicues, and flowers. Henna enthusiast and handbag designer, Azra Khamissa however, takes on a more contemporary approach to the ritual.

“My henna designs are a complete contrast to what people in the Middle East are used to,” she says. “Henna is something I am very passionate about; it makes me feel alive and allows me to express my artistic side. The best thing about it is that unlike a tattoo, I can update the designs regularly and natural henna is actually good for your skin.”

Her minimalistic designs feature intricate sketches and trend-driven patterns, serving perfect inspiration for body-art this Eid. Her mini-tutorial on the stunning body-art teaches the essential henna basics you should follow if you’re planning on henna painting this holiday.

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