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Ask an Expert: How to Kickstart a Juice Detox

Courtesy of Wild & The Moon

Courtesy of Wild & The Moon

Kickstart the new week ahead with a refresher on your health regime, here Vogue Arabia looks to the juicing technique. Juicing is a sure way to detoxify and drop pounds rapidly for the swimsuit season. Detoxes generally consist of a liquid blend of superfoods ingested over a period of several days in an effort to give your digestive system a break. “Not only does a juice cleanse detox your whole system, it acts like a reset button, too,” says Emma Sawko, co-founder of Wild & The Moon, a healthy, Dubai-based concept café. “This is because your body no longer requires the energy ordinarily reserved for digestion, as juicing removes the bulk of this,” she continues, explaining that fruits and vegetable juices are very easily digested, therefore saving your body’s energy levels. Filled with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that instantly absorb into the bloodstream, your liver, kidneys, immune and digestive systems will benefit from a cleanse, too.

Trading in your skinny soy latte in favor of a finely-blended shot of greens in the morning also acts as an inside-out approach to beauty. “You will experience brighter eyes, clear, radiant skin and a smaller waistline,” Sawko says of the many beauty benefits. Although detoxes can help you shed a few pounds and achieve the glowing skin you’ve always wanted, there can also be some side effects associated with a juice fast. “When the body eliminates too many toxins at once, people may experience symptoms such as headaches, breakouts, and irritability,” explains Sawko. The symptoms, which usually disappear within a day or two, can be avoided by increasing your water intake and actually chewing the juice to aid digestion. “People with special health conditions like diabetes should not start a juice fast without their doctor’s supervision.” Detoxes may also shift you away from bad habits—such as smoking and binge eating—helping you foster a healthier lifestyle after your detox is done.

A particular bonus of detoxing is that the juices are usually delivered to your doorstep, taking away the hassle of grocery shopping. Wild & The Moon offers two juice cleanses, the Balanced and the Advanced, both geared towards gently pulling toxins out of the system and energizing you throughout the day. Each cleanse consists of five unique, cold-pressed juices, plus two extras for when you need a boost. While the Balanced is recommended for beginners, featuring sweet juices to slowly introduce your body to juicing, the Advanced is suited to those who are accustomed to cleanses or are looking for a more intense detox.

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