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5 Health and Wellness Documentaries to Tune Into Now

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We’ve all enjoyed spending the past few weeks binge-watching the latest series to go viral. Whilst taking a break to stare in awe as Joe Exotic offers up yet another plot twist may be relaxing to some, it’s also the perfect time to learn a bit more about yourself and the world. From uncovering secrets about the food industry and how it impacts your health, to understand more about the power of inner healing, these documentaries are good for your mind, body, and soul.


From the best-selling author Michael Pollen, this documentary looks at the relationship we have with food and takes us back to the positives and power of traditional cooking. Drawing upon the wisdom of our ancestors from all across the globe where eating real food can help cure and prevent chronic disease, this may make you rethink that Deliveroo order.


We are at the perfect moment in time for reflection. To take a moment and really think about what truly makes us happy. This documentary asks the question, is happiness quotient or individual? Touching on subjects like circumstance, lifestyle and mental health it might make you rethink how you wish to live your day to day life.


Whilst you sit at home having both up and down moments, this health documentary may be exactly the message you are looking for. The greatest healer we will ever need is inside of us. Speaking to icons of the industry including Dr Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson we are reminded that our beliefs, emotions, and thoughts play a much bigger role to our bodies than just our wellbeing.

The Human Experiment

Have you ever really considered what’s in your cupboards? From beauty products to cleaning products and food to medicine this documentary unveils how manufacturers don’t always have your best interests or health in mind. It will get you checking lists and researching what you’re investing in, in the hope that you don’t come across any of the many on the market that contain dangerous chemicals.

Wasted! The Story of Food Waste

If you needed some inspiration to take the sad-looking vegetables at the back of your fridge and transform them into something spectacular instead of throwing them in the garbage, this is the movie for you. Narrated by the late Anthony Bourdain he interviews the likes of  Dan Barber, Mark Bittman, and Danny Bowien uncovering our relationship to this global crisis and how we can change the way we not only eat but shop and recycle.

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