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Jacqueline Fernandez Launches Raw Pressery in the UAE

Jacqueline Fernandez of Raw Pressery Juice

Jacqueline Fernandez. Courtesy of Raw Pressery.

Wellness and simplicity should go hand in hand. Yet eating healthy can often create an array of obstacles. This is all too true when it comes to juices. Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez, co-owner of Raw Pressery, wanted to change this. The first cold pressed juice brand in India, Raw Pressery’s concept is all about transparency. Offering not only juices, but smoothies, nut milks, booster shots and soups, the brand focuses on simple ingredients with a “no bad” promise. Visiting Dubai to announce the brand’s launch in the region, we sat down with Fernandez to talk all things wellness.

How did you get into wellness?

“I’ve grown up as an athlete. I’ve always been active throughout my childhood. So healthy eating and exercising came to me at a very young age. It’s a part of me.”

What do you do to ensure you live a healthy lifestyle?

“Keeping fit and healthy is all about figuring out what your body enjoys. It’s about making fitness fun. So never shy away from trying something new, eat what your heart desires but always in moderation. Remember to include as much nutrition from leafy green veggies and always keep yourself hydrated.”

What motivates you?

“It’s the feeling of being more positive and energetic. There’s a reason you’ll always see a smile on my face. A healthy lifestyle has a wonderful effect on the mind and soul, not just the body. I get my workouts done in the morning, so I feel refreshed the whole day.”

What does clean eating mean to you?

“Simply put, 100% ingredient = 100% product. I prefer to cook at home so that I can ensure I’m consuming all natural ingredients, but due to my busy schedule, it’s not always possible. I drink a lot of cold-pressed juices to gain my daily dose of nutrients. Raw Pressery guarantees no added sugar, no preservatives, chemicals, colors or flavors. That to me is clean eating.”

Why did you decide to get involved with Raw Pressery?

“I’ve been having Raw Pressery since Anuj, the founder of Raw Pressery, first launched the brand in 2014. It has been a constant companion for me ever since – be it in makeup rooms, boardrooms, flights, dinners, you name it. Being the fitness freak I am, I always wanted to start my own healthy juice brand, and then Raw Pressery came along. A few meetings and a lot of juice later, I decided to put my money into something I truly trusted and believed in.”

Raw Pressery Juice

A selection of juices from Raw Pressery. Courtesy of Raw Pressery.

 What is your favorite Raw Pressery juice and why?

“Life. With its innovative blend of bananas, strawberries, pineapples, and blueberries, it’s the ultimate fruit party in a bottle. I’m also loving our new Aloe Vera Lemonade. It’s delicious and refreshing.”

Why do you think it has been so successful?

“To be honest, as a nation we are getting increasingly conscious of what we put into our bodies and we’re constantly looking for healthier alternatives on the go. People are taking a lot more interest in being fully informed about what they’re consuming by reading labels and understanding where the food is coming from. I think that’s the competitive advantage we have achieved as Raw Pressery. With our promise of all natural ingredients, we are providing consumers with exactly what they’re looking for – healthy yet delicious offerings.”

What are your favorite ways of staying fit?

“Dancing. Pole fit and Zumba, to be specific. I feel like dancing is the perfect stress reliever and it completely energizes me.”

How do you stay healthy when traveling?

“No matter where I am, I keep my food habits constant – less salt, no sugar and definitely no processed foods. I always have a bottle of Raw Pressery juice in my bag. It helps me stay hydrated and constantly energized when I’m on-the-go.”

What do you do in your downtime?

I love to go horse riding whenever I get the time. Then there’s playing the piano, cooking, reading books, basically anything that relaxes and soothes me.”

What is next for you?

“On the work front, I’m awaiting the release of Drive with Sushant Singh Rajput. I’ve also just finished the shoot for Race 3, which is scheduled for later this year.”

Raw Pressery is available at Lulu Hypermarkets across the UAE and at

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